Orchard Alliance

Meet Orchard Alliance, Partnering with OC for Kingdom Growth

Who doesn’t want to be a good steward? Whether it’s using our time well, or making meaningful financial contributions, we all want to be mindful of good stewardship in our lives. In this video Kathy Copley introduces Joseph Padilla, someone who specializes in “tax-wise giving”. Joseph is VP of Ministry of Relationships of Orchard Alliance. […]


Partnering with the GCPN in Japan

One Challenge considers it a privilege to partner with the body of Christ around the world. One of the many organizations with whom we partner in church planting and research initiatives is the Global Church Planting Network (GCPN). Read more about the GCPN here: GCPN – Empowering church leaders Work in Northeast Asia Although OC […]

Adventures in Odyssey with Sports Ambassadors

Partnering with Focus on the Family – Adventures in Odyssey

Jason Whittaker, John Avery “Whit” Whittaker’s son, is headed to the Philippines to coach basketball with Sport Ambassadors. If you’re a 90s kid who grew up in a Christian home, you probably know Mr. Whittaker Sr. and invited him into your home. He’s taught you about Christian character and has taken you on many adventures… […]


Partnering in India

India has the most unreached people groups of any country in the world. According to Operation World, 88 percent of the population in India is unreached. With 2,533 people groups, cross-cultural missions happen within its borders. Workers don’t need to leave India to experience culture shock, language barriers, and cultural faux pas. India Missions Association […]


MANI – Partnering to Reach Africa for Christ

During the week of March 7-12, leaders gathered together at the MANI 2016 Continental Consultation in Ethiopia in order to continue to partner together to see the continent of Africa reached for Christ, and to encourage African believers to help fulfill the Great Commission beyond Africa. Movement for African National Initiatives (MANI) is an African […]

OC annual review 2014

Partnering in Praise and Prayer

God is on a mission to bring hope to a broken world, and he invites us to join in his work! Here’s the challenge: billions have never met a follower of Jesus. They have no idea how God can transform their lives. Courageous love is willing to do whatever it takes to bring good news […]

Partnering with MK2021 in Cambodia

The OC Global Alliance wants to see partnerships develop that enhance kingdom efforts to plant churches – to see worshipping and witnessing communities of faith where there is currently only spiritual darkness. The Alliance highly values catalytic kingdom efforts that bring a synergy to ministry that moves the church into unreached areas. Two mobilization centers […]


Partnering in research with the Mongolia Evangelical Alliance

Two years ago, the Mongolia Evangelical Alliance (MEA) approached One Challenge and proposed a combined research project to discover the number of churches in Mongolia as well as the health of these churches and how to best reach nomadic tribes or those who live outside cities. In this video report, Project Leader Eric Smith shares […]

OC mission

Prayer Focus … Get to Know One Challenge

QUESTION: Who is One Challenge and what do they do?ANSWER: We are a mission family who exists to serve the whole body ofChrist – so, we do many things! Here is a brief overview of our vision, mission, strategy, and guiding principles. Missions Mobilization We seek to empower the whole body of Christ to bring […]


GCPN – Serving through a Global Pandemic

In January 2020, Dick took on the mantle of leadership of this Global Church Planting Network (GCPN). Although he has only served in leadership for the network for just over a year, it’s been a year like no other, both for One Challenge and the GCPN. A Little Background “GCPN is a network of primarily […]