Take Heart from Pastor Gill

Take Heart from Pastor Gill

Welcome to this latest devotional series, Take Heart from Pastor Gill. We’ve been blessed to have mission pastor Gill, and his wife Karen, at One Challenge for over 20 years. They have served as OC workers in Asia, and they are now based at the U.S. Mobilization Center in Colorado. In 2020, Gill took on the role of mission pastor to encourage, pray, counsel, and walk alongside OC workers in their ministry journey together. Each summer, they spend five weeks of ministry with our new mission appointees and veteran mission workers. In their pastoral care role, Gill and Karen come alongside these colleagues at different points in their lives and ministry journeys.

During “normal” office hours, Gill is at the U.S. One Challenge Mobilization Center in Colorado Springs, where he coordinates a weekly Monday morning chapel with speakers, worship leaders, and prayer time. As the OC family is spread all around the world, he does a lot to keep up with them, reading the monthly personal prayer letters of U.S.-sent mission workers and field reports from our teams who serve in approximately 43 different countries. Gill and Karen will also travel periodically to visit mission workers and their families in their areas of service around the world. 

Enjoy reading these articles from Gill … “Take Heart from Pastor Gill”…

The Spirit of Adoption

One Challenge is blessed to have mission pastor Gill to encourage, pray, counsel, and walk alongside OC workers in their ministry journey together. In a recent weekly chapel meeting, Gill shared this special, personal story on adoption.

Take Heart from Pastor Gill: Easter


According to the calendar, spring is already here, but outside winter is still holding on. It feels like the signs of spring should be here already. I am more than ready for their appearance. One thing that encourages me is that Easter falls squarely in this season and is nearly here. Like the signs of spring, Easter too shouts that life is on the way. 

Take Heart from Pastor Gill


Good and pleasant. What would you put on a list of good and pleasant things? In Psalm 133, David used these words to describe unity. Unity is good and I long for it, yet I find it elusive. Few things feel better than being part of a harmonious, unified group where I know I am loved, valued, important, and in sync with others – where we are together in unity. But unity doesn’t just happen. It calls for something more than just wanting to be unified.