Daily prayer for mission workers on the field is critical. They feel the prayers of their partners carrying them. Your prayers help further the Kingdom of God around the world because they strengthen, encourage, protect, and carry those who are away from home and family. In times of great spiritual harvest and in times of spiritual drought, the prayers of partners and supporters keep the workers on the field, fulfilling God’s work. Know that your prayers matter — everyday. In this OC Prayer Guide booklet, we have highlighted some of the ways you can pray for different teams and places in the world. We trust you will be deeply blessed as you bring these requests to the Father.

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Daily Prayer for Mission Workers

Wednesday, May 1
for Alex and Betsy as they return to Asia. Their 7-week return trip includes visits to supporting churches on the U.S. East Coast and in the UK. Pray for protection for Betsy as she continues to recover and for complete healing.

Thursday, May 2
Pray for Zimbabwe.
Zimbabwe was also impacted by the recent cyclone with flooding and damage. Pray for Zimbabwe which is also suffering political and economic challenges. Despite a high Christian population, unemployment is high and HIV/Aids remains a problem. Pray for the growth of the church and solid church leadership.

Friday, May 3
Pray for Sri Lanka, A Buddhist majority nation. Pray for the church as they struggle with the recent terror attacks that left hundreds dead or injured. Pray for continued ministry opportunity and for impact by those trained through OC and the schools which are equipping followers of Christ to serve. Pray also for the peaceful Muslim community which is very scared.

Saturday, May 4
Praise God with Rahn and Stephanie (Asia) for more than 20 candidates who came for LifeWorkx and those that are pursuing becoming Trainers. Praise God for how this is hitting a chord in this location!

Sunday, May 5
for OC MKs and MK school staff at various locations around the world. As the final quarter of the school year is in progress, pray that students and staff finish strong! Pray for Rachael (Germany) as she ministers in the dorms at Black Forest Academy. Specifically pray for her as she helps 13 seniors transition out of BFA well and for the changes this brings in the dorm next year.

Monday, May 6
for the SEPAL Brazil team. They will minister to over 1,000 at their annual Pastors and Leaders Leadership Conference this week. The theme this year is, ‘The Church as a transforming agent in society.’ David and Debra (International Ministry Team – IMT) will be among the key speakers for the week.

Tuesday, May 7
Praise God for a great IMT retreat of sharing and encouraging. The team’s results in 2018 included 21,000 decisions for Christ and 7000 leaders trained.

Wednesday, May 8
Pray with Dennis and Jeannie (US-MC, Sexual Wholeness Initiative) as Dennis has a goal to raise $2k in monthly support in 2 months. This is a God-sized goal so let’s join him with our prayers!

Thursday, May 9
with Tom (Philippines) that Faith Academy is now a recognized (by the Philippine government) Educational Institution of International Character (EIIC). God worked to bring several Filipino politicians to get this passed. This brings many benefits including stability, visas and exemptions.

Friday, May 10
with Angela for the MK school where she teaches. They have purchased land and have plans to build. Pray for the school as they trust God for resources and for the project to come to fruition.

Saturday, May 11
Give thanks to God
with Judi, who is thankful for the opportunity she’s had to continue mentoring a worker in Asia who focuses on bringing healing to MBB leaders.

Sunday, May 12
Ask the Lord
to make Dave’s (SEAsia) commentary on Revelation available to pastors and teachers in Sri Lanka in the Sinhalese language. Pray also for his book, “Persecution in Revelation” as it is finalized and distributed.

Monday, May 13
God with Joel and Irena (Europe) for getting the help they needed in some new business ventures. They take significant time, but the hope is that they will cover some additional ministry expenses. Pray for success in strengthening God’s work.

Tuesday, May 14
for the nation of France. Last month, the Notre Dame Cathedral was partially destroyed by fire. Despite a long heritage of Christianity in the nation, France remains a challenging place to minister with only 2% Evangelical. Pray for potential future ministry for OC in this nation.

Wednesday, May 15
Give God thanks
for OC’s opportunity to assist in a movement to mobilize a groundswell of believers from sub-Saharan Africa to take the good news north to the unreached.

Thursday, May 16
for S, who is involved in the Bible Project and translating it into the Southeast Asian language of his nation. It will be a long and extensive process. Pray for his involvement alongside others.

Friday, May 17
God for the three times Barbara (South Africa) has met with the girls at Golang Youth Ministry, continuing the series on Hearing God.

Saturday, May 18
for Tony and Tracy (SEAsia) as they prepare for a home assignment this summer. Ask for God’s blessing and provision as they lay the groundwork for summer support-raising!

Sunday, May 19
Give thanks to God
with Ray (US MC) for the North America forum. One encouraging outcome was a challenge that each participant return next year with a new friendship from the larger ethnic and cultural community.

Monday, May 20
with Karl and Jenny (Africa) for the training and coaching of leaders to accelerate discovery groups and new churches in the Madagascar rainforest and the Comoros islands.

Tuesday, May 21
God with Heather (Africa) for the Early Childhood Development Forum ministry. Special Needs children are often chased away from schools, but the educators in this Forum are wanting to learn and asking for help. Lift up Heather’s work!

Wednesday, May 22
with Russ (Global Research Team) for preparation for the next Futures Think Tank meeting (a 2-day gathering in Nov). Several small working groups will be working on the implications of last fall’s meeting to contribute to the overall task.

Thursday, May 23
Please continue to pray for good health and healing for our workers. Several are dealing with ongoing health issues.

Friday, May 24
Praise God with Thungjamo (Asia) for the 15 youth leaders who were sent out by their churches for short-term ministry.  Pray for further equipping for these young believers considering future cross-cultural ministry, and for the Father’s Camp on May 24-26, focusing on Christ-centered homes.

Saturday, May 25
Praise the Lord
for the 10th anniversary of the OC Global Alliance meetings, being held in SE Asia, May 19-28. Pray for wisdom and unity for chairman, Tony (UK) and participants as they consider important alliance issues and make decisions impacting OC global ministries. We all thank God that the number of global workers has grown from about 300 to over 900.

Sunday, May 26
for Muslims worldwide as we come to the end of Ramadan, the Islamic fast (May 6-June 4) when Muslims are most open spiritually during the 30 days of refraining from eating or drinking from dawn till nightfall, seeking personal cleansing and forgiveness of sins.  Pray that God would bring many to know His Son, Jesus, the true source of salvation. Pray for spiritual fruit in the hearts of all seekers during Ramadan. Jeff (SEPAL USA) is full of praise for the chance to share a Bible story recently with young people in a M’lim country illustrating God’s authority in our lives.  Pray for these youth, during and following this month of Ramadan, that they would seek the Truth found in Jesus.

Monday, May 27
Pray for Dave (Sports Ambassadors)
who leaves today for ministry in Spain with the Northwestern Univ (St Paul) basketball team.  Pray for grace and strength as they play a full schedule of games and share testimonies of faith in Christ Jesus.

Tuesday, May 28
Praise God for many successful trips of our people: Gill (US-MC) – for the successful church planter training in SE Asia, with the focus on building healthy Christian families; Ralph and Joyce (US-MC) – for their safe return home last week, good health and energy during their five weeks of ministry in South Africa and Zimbabwe; Ron and Mikel Ann (US) for their teaching at the OC training program in Ukraine, where they taught a wide variety of biblical subjects to seven young missionary candidates who will be sent out to many nations, and spoke at a youth conference of nearly 300; Ed and Dorothy (US) for three weeks of ministry in Europe where they were delighted to see what God is doing among the church plants in Germany and Austria where they served many years.

Wednesday, May 29
for our workers and their families as they begin their summer furloughs. May they enjoy family and supporter visits.  Please remember Dan and Michelle (SE Asia) and Jeff and Robin (Taiwan).

Thursday, May 30
for Philippe and Merri Teresa in Lebanon as they seek to open the Chef Training School there.  Pray for the assistant chef, a refugee who is a follower of Jesus, and for someone else who can manage the ministry when they travel back to the U.S. periodically. 

Friday, May 31
for Lynn (Near Frontiers) who is preparing for 14 German summer sports ministry camps, and who recently participated in the 30th anniversary celebration of the European Christian Sports Union.

Prayer Focus for May 2019 … OC Global Research Team

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