Daily prayer for mission workers on the field is critical. They feel the prayers of their partners carrying them. Your prayers help further the Kingdom of God around the world because they strengthen, encourage, protect, and carry those who are away from home and family. In times of great spiritual harvest and in times of spiritual drought, the prayers of partners and supporters keep the workers on the field, fulfilling God’s work. Know that your prayers matter -- everyday. In this OC Prayer Guide booklet, we have highlighted some of the ways you can pray for different teams and places in the world. We trust you will be deeply blessed as you bring these requests to the Father.

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Daily Prayer for Mission Workers

Tuesday, January 1
Pray with Mehari (New Frontiers) who has submitted a proposal for the board of the Ethiopian Churches Association in America focusing on the challenges, opportunities and future directions of Ethiopian second-generation ministry in America. May God open doors for great fruit.

Wednesday, January 2
Pray with Larry and Stephanie (Global Research Team) for their team's effective service to the Global Church Planting Network, especially that more regional and national leaders would identify research contacts for them to engage with, coach and train.

Thursday, January 3
Pray for the UCTM (Asia) as they prepare for the winter break towards the continued semester in 2019. Financial status is weak so that their teachers may not get their salaries for a few months.

Friday, January 4
Please pray for Alisa (Asia) to get Kidzworkx promotion material moving to the next stage of development.

Saturday, January 5
B and H are brimming with praise to again have been a part of their local fellowship’s Christmas program. This event was a big outreach into their local community. B gave the message. Their son helped set up for the event, and their daughter sang in the children’s choir. Their other daughter and H sang in the adult choir. Pray for lasting fruit from God’s message.

Sunday, January 6
Steve and Renée (Europe) joined GCPN leaders for a day at a conference near London. Steve was involved mostly in finance and website discussions, while Renée began 'Deepen' course in Malaga for a week.

Monday, January 7
John and Heather (SART) are praising God for John’s recent trip to Zimbabwe. First, there was an amazing healing experience at the pastoral care workshop in Bulawayo. Second, the pastoral leaders were very excited about a new way to look at and incorporate Scripture into their lives. Third, John had a short visit to the Bishop of the Zion Church of God which resulted in some exciting ideas to implement in the coming year. The situation in Zimbabwe is worsening. Prayers are needed desperately there.

Tuesday, January 8
Pray for Faith Academy (Philippines) and other MK schools who are just starting their next semester. Pray our MK’s have safe travel and refreshing new perspectives as they return to school after the Christmas holidays.

Wednesday, January 9
Our One Challenge US-MC personnel interviewed and accepted new applicants today. Immediately following this is training for the remainder of this week. Pray for special times of sharing as we get to know these applicants.

Thursday, January 10
Praise God with Lynn and Karen (Germany) that the Evangelical Free Church in Fuessen (where they are members) have asked Lynn to serve as their interim pastor. Lynn and Karen have sensed that this was God's "task" for them to assume in 2019, so Lynn will be flying into Munich this week to begin. They are still looking for U.S. churches as partners for baseball camps in local German churches in 2019. Pray for the 19 camps planned next summer, and the German churches which are still in urgent need of a U.S. partner.

Friday, January 11
Gill and Karen and Ralph and Joyce (US-MC) departed this week for the Europe area leadership retreat in Switzerland starting tomorrow. Before and after the retreat they will be visiting several of our teams in that part of the world. In addition to prayers for safety and good health, pray for the Lord’s direction and anointing on their ministries in every setting. Gill and Karen will return home on 1/21 and the Ralph and Joyce on 1/28.

Saturday, January 12
Praise God for encouraging progress of church planting partnerships in the Himalayas. Here are a few highlights from the last four months: The gospel was shared with 820 people; 33 people received Christ; 21 were baptized; 6 new fellowships were started; 36 began attending the new fellowships.

Sunday, January 13
Praise God! Over the past 12 months, an average of 5,000 Indonesians a month have placed their faith in Christ as their Savior through the church-planting ministry the OC team is facilitating. This Christmas, most of these new believers celebrated the coming of our Savior in small home churches. Please pray they will continue to experience peace and joy throughout this year.

Monday, January 14
Laura and Kory (Malága) praise God for Diez42, which has been an amazing opportunity to practically share God’s love with their new neighbors. They are currently serving more than 500 people each month with food/social opportunities, job training, language learning, etc. at a cost of only $3/person per month.

Tuesday, January 15
From mid-January to mid-February Ron and Mikel Ann (U.S. Associates) will be back in SE Asia. They will be ministering extensively to several hundred church leaders, teaching Christian Leadership and Christian Counseling. They will be ministering with OC SE Asian team-mates. Pray for their travel and fruitfulness in ministry.

Wednesday, January 16
Please pray with Mihai and Tammy (Europe) as they continue indoctrination in Europe. Tammy completed her "Deepin" Course in Malaga and wrote her spiritual autobiography to get her certification as a spiritual director. Mihai held an introduction to Member Care Seminar in Hungary as part of his objectives with the European Member Care Board and is excited to see a network being developed there as he serves as the mentor and advisor for central, eastern Europe. Pray for them as they adjust to their recent move to Genova, Italy.

Thursday, January 17
Please continue to pray for Cooper and Taylor (South Asia) for good health and their visa issues that the Lord may provide the right visa for them to stay on the field.

Friday, January 18
Thank God with Hank and Cathy (GMT) for a productive and healthy European trip, focused on Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Pray for OC colleagues Adi and Moni as they serve a country darkened by post-communism corruption where despair reigns and employment must be sought outside the country. Thank God for pastors Emilian, Daniel, Alex, Flaminiu, and others who serve churches filled with the Life and hope that Romania needs.

Saturday, January 19
Paul (South Africa Regional Team) was a guest lecturer at the University of Pretoria on Gospel and Culture and for the first time stepped into the role of external examiner for 37 seminarian candidates. He was also in Durban for a week-long conference where he held a two-day workshop on What’s Your Story and it was a joyful experience to see the bookshop there selling his book!

Sunday, January 20
Fredy and Beth (Guatemala) are grateful to the Lord for a wonderful gift for Christmas, a “new” car, enabled by a large gift contributed by donors with the message, "We feel the Lord is leading us to contribute this, and we want you to buy the best car possible."

Monday, January 21
Praise God with David and Debbie (Asia) for their trip where David spoke at the Myanmar Baptist Convention, Beautiful Feet, addressing missionaries, evangelists and church leadership. Your prayers enabled David to communicate with unction and heartfelt encouragement Jesus' affection for his people.

Tuesday, January 22
Pray for God’s wisdom and direction for Don and Nancy (Europe) who are preparing to start a new group ministering to those who are battling depression. They need to gather as much material as possible and dedicate their time to studying how best to support and encourage those who suffer with mental health issues.

Wednesday, January 23
Craig (Canada) reports his dissertation has been a lot of work and there have been a few frustrating delays, but he is making progress and feeling good about where he is. He is currently interviewing pastors and leaders to gather data about how hospitality is impacting the vitality of their congregations. Please continue to pray for his final work.

Prayer Focus for January … Happy New Year from OC!

God is in the business of transforming lives. It’s thrilling to watch him change people from the inside out and use them to transform communities. In his sovereignty, he weaves together our efforts for his glory.

Dean Carlson, OC President says, "I was recently reminded of this truth by Kevin, one of the first African friends I made after joining OC’s Swaziland team 30 years ago. When I began investing in Kevin’s life, no one could have imagined the powerful trajectory his life would take..."

OC New Year 2019

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