Daily prayer for mission workers on the field is critical. They feel the prayers of their partners carrying them. Your prayers help further the Kingdom of God around the world because they strengthen, encourage, protect, and carry those who are away from home and family. In times of great spiritual harvest and in times of spiritual drought, the prayers of partners and supporters keep the workers on the field, fulfilling God’s work. Know that your prayers matter — everyday. In this OC Prayer Guide booklet, we have highlighted some of the ways you can pray for different teams and places in the world. We trust you will be deeply blessed as you bring these requests to the Father.

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Daily Prayer Points

Sunday, March 1
Please pray for Joel and Sue (Asia) as they are en route to their field in South Asia.  Pray for a smooth transition back to the field and particularly for their son who is on his own in the U.S. now.

Monday, March 2
Praise God
with Kyle (Spain) for the Restore Men’s retreat that had over 30 participants with wonderful times in the word and worship.  Jeff (US MC) was grateful to lead the worship!  Pray for Kyle and Nell as they begin their sabbatical time.

Tuesday, March 3
Please pray for John and Judy (OC Alumni) as they prepare for an upcoming month-long trip to Asia to conduct training and team times in three different nations! A lot of preparation and stamina will be needed.

Wednesday, March 4
Praise God for the good ministry Ralph and Joyce (US-MC) had on their recent trip to the UK.  This month they will travel to several fields in Asia to be with teams for team retreats and to provide pastoral care and spiritual input.  Pray for fruitful ministry and blessing.

Thursday, March 5
for Sarah (Zimbabwe) who needs a new passport before March 30th. Today she will be driving to the capital to submit for a new one. Please pray everything goes well and the new passport will reach her on time for anticipated travel. God can do this!

Friday, March 6
Give thanks
for how the Julia’s Hope Singapore Team continues to develop Biblical principles for the Flourish curriculum. Join Debbie (Asia) in asking the Lord to give fresh understanding of his word and the ability to communicate hope through the curriculum.

Saturday, March 7
with D and G (Asia) that they’ll know how to best, compassionately, yet boldly, share the good news of Jesus Christ with many whose perspectives have changed so radically in these recent weeks due to the current events in their area.

Sunday, March 8
for Warren (Southeast Asia) as he preps for and leads a research workshop at a major mission media conference this month.

Monday, March 9
Praise God
for the many connections Dean and Kathie (US-MC) made while on a trip to southern CA last month. Ask the Lord for fruitful results and strengthened relationships as a result of time with partners and supporting churches.

Tuesday, March 10
with Joel and Irena (Ukraine) that God would bring a buyer for the current location of Irena’s café “Coffee & Flowers” so that the café can move closer to downtown.              

Wednesday, March 11
for Josh who has resumed his role on January 1 as Team Leader.  Please pray for him as he leads, and for the team as they serve in a challenging and vital ministry context.

Thursday, March 12
Please pray
for fruitful follow-up from the meetings Karl (SART) and Mario (OC Africa Associate) had with leaders in North Africa and Central Africa Republic. The hope is to continue to build into key strategic Christian leaders who can complete Christ’s great commission in their nations.

Friday, March 13
Please continue to pray for all those affected by the Coronavirus and the many nations and individuals that are grappling with this global health emergency. Ask that God give wisdom to OC leadership and teams that are evaluating the situation and for those who are near to infected areas. Pray for those who are already canceling or postponing ministry and travel.

Saturday, March 14
Pray for Dave and Sandy (Philippines) as they hope to return to the Philippines today. Praise God both Sandy’s and Julie’s (daughter) health have much improved, and that they are able to move back into their original home.

Sunday, March 15           
Praise God with Jeff and Robin (Taiwan) for 20 youth who committed to following Christ at a basketball game. Pray with them as they organize and develop multiple Dodgebee club programs in the public schools. The desire is to use these clubs to develop relationships necessary to share the gospel. (Dodgebee is dodgeball with a specially padded disk.)

Monday, March 16
for Etta (Director of Prefield Training at the US-MC) who recently returned from Cairo, Egypt where she received cross-cultural training. Pray she will be able to effectively use the core principles she learned for the training of US-MC workers.

Tuesday, March 17
Praise God with Nate (Lifeworkx) for the trainings the Uganda Lifeworkx trainers just had. Of the 1,190 children in attendance at seven schools, 701 of them accepted Christ!

Wednesday, March 18
with Ken and Diane (Brazil) as they are in transition – packing up to leave after serving 43 years in Brazil where they have planted a church and established a mission agency that has sent Brazilian workers around the world.

Thursday, March 19
Rejoice with Scott and Maggie (Near Frontiers) for four facilitators now trained to be part of the Kairos team. Pray as they are part of creating a new workshop called “Extravagant Love.”

Friday, March 20
Pray with David (Asia) who recently helped launch the Ministry Leadership Training Institute in a country in SE Asia. This is part of an international partnership with the aim of training 30 trainers who will in turn equip 1,200 pastors of the evangelical church in that country. Ask the Lord that this work will be established for the sake of His church in this country.

Saturday, March 21
Praise God
for the recent publishing of Bill and Laurie Keyes’ (Associates) book, Course of a Mentor. They have been asked to have the book published in Portuguese and hope to have it ready for the Brazil leadership conference in May.

Sunday, March 22
Pray for B (CAMENA) as he travels to other countries, especially for protection from the Coronavirus. Pray for the unique countries in their region to accept their proposals to do basketball sports consulting.

Monday, March 23
for the HIV/AIDS Home-based caregivers (Finetown, SA). Jenny has been helping them start a small business in hopes that the caregivers could become self-sustainable. Recently they harvested their first six boxes of tomatoes. Pray against theft in the community garden and that the project will strengthen to provide for their families and community.

Tuesday, March 24
Give thanks
with Kory and Laura (Spain) for the recent healing for Laura. They are still in the ‘waiting room’ for the solution of their housing situation. 

Wednesday, March 25
for the church leaders of Mongolia who do not believe that coaching networks will contribute to the discipling of Mongolia. These networks are still an experiment. Pray these leaders will allow the coaching networks to continue until methodology can be contextualized.

Thursday, March 26
Praise God with Demo (Asia) for the lengthy furlough, which allowed his health to improve, to spend time with family and have good fellowship with the local church.

Friday, March 27 
Continue to pray for our brothers and sisters suffering persecution in China. Remember that God is active and alive and expects not retreat but opportunities to share the gospel even during trials.

Saturday, March 28
Give praise to God
with Ted and Claudia (Spain) for their recent trip where they met to encourage 35 Brazilian workers for the incredible ways God is using them in making a difference in a very needy country.

Sunday, March 29
for Tom and Maddy (Faith Academy, Philippines) as they face a major change in the location and type of their ministry in the coming months. Not knowing the details directs them to place their trust in our heavenly Father for their future.

Monday, March 30
Give thanks
with Greg and Denyse (SE Asia) for the lengthy and faithful partnership of David L. As a result of David’s tireless and enthusiastic partnership, hundreds of churches have been planted and thousands of national church leaders have been trained in six SE Asia nations.

Tuesday, March 31
Continue to pray
for all those affected by the Coronavirus. It is impacting ministry travel of many in the agency. May God’s purposes be fulfilled!

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