Daily prayer for mission workers on the field is critical. They feel the prayers of their partners carrying them. Your prayers help further the Kingdom of God around the world because they strengthen, encourage, protect, and carry those who are away from home and family. In times of great spiritual harvest and in times of spiritual drought, the prayers of partners and supporters keep the workers on the field, fulfilling God’s work. Know that your prayers matter -- everyday.

In this OC Prayer Guide booklet, we have highlighted some of the ways you can pray for different teams and places in the world. We trust you will be deeply blessed as you bring these requests to the Father.

Pray for Ukraine

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Daily Prayer Points

Wednesday, June 1
Please continue to pray for Rich and Marla (US Area Director, US-MC) as they settle into new roles and ministries. May God use them impactfully in these new areas of work and accomplish much.  Pray for provision for a home for them.

Thursday, June 2
 for Bob and Liz (SE Asia) as they return to the field. Their entry visa is in hand. Pray that they can quickly get their permanent residence visa approved once they arrive in country. Pray too for smooth transitions.

Friday, June 3
Continue to pray for the safety of pastors and aid workers who are serving so bravely under harsh and dangerous conditions in Ukraine. Pray God would use this time of uncertainty and fear to move the hearts of people to recognize that Christ is their only hope and Savior.

Saturday, June 4
Give thanks 
with Edwin and Evie (International Ministry Team) that COVID-19 travel restrictions are being removed enabling short-term evangelistic teams to go to Guatemala. Pray for the two teams that are making plans for a trip in the upcoming months.

Sunday, June 5
Continue to pray for Randall and Phuong (SE Asia) as they adjust to life on the field. Ask God to direct their steps as they pursue kid’s schooling, language learning and fellowship. May God open new and fruitful doors in all of these areas.

Monday, June 6
Thank God
 with Todd and Bethany (Malawi) for this last year serving in Africa. They “have been blessed beyond measure and have loved seeing God at work in this beautiful country.” Pray for them as they hand off their work and transition to the US this summer.

Tuesday, June 7
with Dan and Michelle (SE Asia) as they take a longer furlough beginning this summer. May they have a fruitful home assignment filled with great supporter connections, special time with their families, and plenty of rest.

Wednesday, June 8
 for Jay and Sarah (Zimbabwe) for the pastors who joined them in a 5-day training on becoming bi-vocational farmers. Fifty have now started farming with 100 egg-laying chicks. Pray for funding to assist some 700 more leaders to follow this model.

Thursday, June 9
with Dave (Asia Regional Team) for fruit from the virtual Bible class he taught last month for students in Sri Lanka. Pray for these students as they work, study, and live out their commitment to ministry. May God use these students in the growth of the Church.

Friday, June 10
Praise the Lord 
with Phuveyi (Goodwill Ambassadors – S Asia) for a recent camp for 103 teachers that was held there. Rejoice with him that many made decisions for Christ. He was also able to provide his book, Life Value from Living Heroes, to many of the participants!

Saturday, June 11
Thank the Lord 
with Dennis (Faith Academy, Philippines) for the 42 graduating seniors this year. Pray for these TCKs (Third Culture Kids) as they navigate transition to home countries and universities and to whatever is next.

Sunday, June 12
with Larry and Stephanie (Global Research Team) who are meeting with the Lausanne Network Catalysts of thirty-plus networks in New York City next week, to sketch plans for the Lausanne 4 Congress to take place in Seoul Korea in 2024. Please pray their interactions together, as well as interactions with the other Network Catalysts, will accomplish God's purposes for these meetings.

Monday, June 13
for Matt and Grace (Europe) as they raise support and prepare to go. This includes participating in COCO and CORE this summer. Ask God to open each door along the way and for provision of all needed support.

Tuesday, June 14
Pray with Eric and Kara (Black Forest Academy, Germany) who share that the school has several students from both Ukraine and Russia – it has been a difficult time for these students as the war continues and as friends and family back home are affected. Pray for their ministry and for these students.

Wednesday, June 15
Rejoice with Tim and Annette (International Ministry Team) for the Bible studies, devotionals, articles, and training videos that they have been able to create and make available over the last year. Pray for the impact on youth ministry around the world.

Thursday, June 16
for Alex (SE Asia) as he supervises doctoral students. He is helping them to craft dissertation proposals and guiding them through the various aspects of doctoral research and writing. Lift up this important work of equipping at a very high level.

Friday, June 17
with Cherie (US-MC) that on a recent trip back to South Africa, she was able to spend the afternoon with the high school ministry she had before. She is very encouraged as the young man she trained to take over is doing an excellent job, and kids and the community continue to be impacted.

Saturday, June 18
Praise God
with Jeff (Taiwan) for Morrison’s mission team of 11 high school students. They ministered to men recovering from drug addiction and the outreach brought life change to both the students and the men.

Sunday, June 19
Please pray
with Emil and Sarah (Malaga) and the Perspectives team who hosted two weekends of training last month. Pray God will continue to grow the team and that Perspectives can continue to be a blessing in Spain.

Monday, June 20
for Marc and Teresa (Brazil) as they prepare for and engage in summer travels to 5 nations on 2 continents. They will be connecting with and encouraging Brazilian workers in various locations. Pray for God’s provision.

Tuesday, June 21
Praise God
with Dave (Philippines) for the opportunity to speak on church planting with 280 pastors and district superintendents of a denomination last month. He was able to encourage them to move beyond maintenance to active outreach.

Wednesday, June 22
Pray for Vincent (Global Alliance – HK
) as he learns Japanese.  May he be able converse and share the good news in this language of ministry.

Thursday, June 23
for the OC Personnel Department who are amid the final preparations for PEP (Personnel Enrichment Program for furloughing workers). It begins Monday, first with a couple of days at the US-MC, then at a nearby retreat center. 13-14 “units” will be joining along with the staff. Pray too for the kids program, logistics, each family, and the staff.

Friday, June 24
Praise God
with B Demo (Global Alliance – S Asia) reports that on one of their recent visits to the rural village area, one whole family put their faith in Christ. Brother Demo was able to baptize the father. The mom and some other relatives are preparing for baptism soon.

Saturday, June 25
for Philippe and Merri Teresa (Global Ministries) as they are now in the CAMENA region. Pray for fruitful ministry while they are there. Pray also for their son wife to get paperwork to come to the U.S. with them when they return at the end of this month.

Sunday, June 26
Pray with Jeff (US-MC) for those who are in the recruiting pipeline at various places. Ask God to continue to move each one along through the process and for wisdom and guidance on the way.

Monday, June 27
Pray for Ray and Marge (International Ministry Team) as they help doctoral students in preparing to graduate this month. May God empower these students as they use their degrees for his glory and service.

Tuesday, June 28
Give thanks to God
with Craig (Outreach Canada) for expanding partnerships. Their member care department is now helping care for mission workers from nearly forty different mission agencies, and Outreach Canada has partnered with 113 other organizations or ministries in the past year.

Wednesday, June 29.Give thanks with Tim and Kristen (S Asia) as they were able to attend a three-day camp in the mountains. Most were first-generation believers (including the pastor). What an encouragement to see that the soil there is ready for the gospel.

Thursday, June 30Pray with Debbie (SE Asia) that God would use her prayer guide, Release from Darkness: An Interactive Prayer Guide Through Isaiah 61 to Overcome Human Trafficking, which is a tool to assist us in battling in the heavenlies on behalf of the modern-day tragedy of human trafficking. You can access the guide at


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