Daily prayer for mission workers on the field is critical. They feel the prayers of their partners carrying them. Your prayers help further the Kingdom of God around the world because they strengthen, encourage, protect, and carry those who are away from home and family. In times of great spiritual harvest and in times of spiritual drought, the prayers of partners and supporters keep the workers on the field, fulfilling God’s work. Know that your prayers matter — everyday. In this OC Prayer Guide booklet, we have highlighted some of the ways you can pray for different teams and places in the world. We trust you will be deeply blessed as you bring these requests to the Father.

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Daily Prayer Points

Tuesday, June 1
Praise God
with Jayme (Europe) who is excited and thankful to be prayer-walking and praying with teammates to discern the next steps for the work in her area.

Wednesday, June 2
Pray for Randall and Phuong (Appointees)
as they drastically downsize in preparation to moving to their country of ministry. “We downsize our life but upsize the quality of our faith.”

Thursday, June 3
Give thanks with Dan and Kim (Global Research Team) that their team was able to complete and submit valuable research and analysis for the AIM Decadal Evaluation.

Friday, June 4
Doug (Global Ministries) is planning and preparing for a full schedule of training opportunities this summer. Pray for God’s protection and health for his immune-suppressed system. As a hearing deficient person, pray also that he can discern what is spoken from behind masks.

Saturday, June 5
Praise God with Mihai and Tammy (Italy) that the Church assembly that they facilitated was finally held in April. Praise also that Mihai will be able to do in-person debriefing now that restrictions are lighter.

Sunday, June 6
Thank the Lord
with Dan and Michelle (SE Asia) that their school has opened to in-person teaching/learning. They ask for prayer to be both teachable and teacher in a new environment.

Monday, June 7
Pray with Bob and Aimee (Near Frontiers) as they focus ministry on the growing numbers of Cousins in North America (with significant growth projected).

Tuesday, June 8
with Alex and Betsy K (SE Asia) as Alex has begun his doctoral course on Biblical theology. Pray that this course will bear Kingdom fruit in the lives of the pastors and leaders who are his students.

Wednesday, June 9
Pray with Dave and Glenda (Asia) for two stroke patients that Glenda has seen progress in mobility through physical therapy telemedicine. Their daughters are believers, but the fathers refuse to acknowledge the One who has healed them.

Thursday, June 10
Please pray for two nations in the Himalayas where COVID-19 has spread significantly. Many of God’s servants are no longer living and people are experiencing a deep sense of helplessness. Pray God will continue to call many to himself.

Friday, June 11
with Etta, Deanne, and the Personnel Dept (US-Mobilization Center) during these final days of intense preparation for the training of new and experienced workers. Pray God would enable them to do their work with effectiveness and love…that the “workers will be prepared as well as possible for kingdom impact.”

Saturday, June 12
Rejoice with Dave (SE Asia) that one partner/pastor has trained youth to lead online groups and has seen these youth develop 115 new groups with 1112 new believers in these on-going groups!

Sunday, June 13
Please continue to pray for the many pandemic hotspots in Asia. Hospitals are full and many are suffering overwhelming loss.

Monday, June 14             
Pray for the spiritual momentum of fasting to focus on leadership team formation, and expansion into new Unreached People Groups. COVID-19 conditions have stirred fear and hunger for the Lord, that this is a prime time for harvest.

Tuesday, June 15
Pray with Phuveyi and Ave (GA – S Asia) as they continue to pray, support and connect with missionary families and COVID-19 victims for encouragement. “Sadly, many good friends are disappearing. But beyond, there is eternal life.”

Wednesday, June 16
Pray with Rahn and Stephanie (Diaspora Ministries) as they, along with many others, are hoping to travel internationally soon. May God open doors for them to visit teams in Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

Thursday, June 17
Praise God with David (SE Asia) wo had the privilege of facilitating in equipping sessions for pastors (in an undisclosed nation with unrest) who requested input on the topic: Seeking Pastoral Wisdom in Times of Social Unrest. About 15 pastors were engaged in training and discussions during these times.

Friday, June 18
Pray for Stephanie (Global Research Team) who has been invited to serve as an associate member of the OC-UK Board for one year. Pray her participation with the Board would bring blessings to the ministries that are supported.

 Saturday, June 19
Pray with Don and Nancy (GA – Austria) as they develop a ministry for sufferers with depression and are also part of a national prayer and reconciliation movement

Sunday, June 20
Ask God
for guidance for DJ and S (CAMENA) as they look for a job that will allow them to settle once again in their ministry target area. They hope this will be identified by the end of July to make a move possible.

Monday, June 21
Pray with Lynn and Karen (Near Frontiers) that God would use them in the two different “life communities” in which they are involved. May God use them in the local softball community as they have had significant ministry in these in the past.

Tuesday, June 22
Pray with Ted and Claudia (CAMENA) for the multiple Brazilians who are working among refugees from a particular nation. “In every country around this nation where refugees have abounded, there you’ll find committed Brazilians serving, sharing, sacrificing, and giving.”


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Take Heart From Pastor Gill

Take Heart from Pastor Gill

One Challenge is blessed to have mission pastor Gill, and his wife Karen, at OC International for over 20 years. They have served as OC workers in Asia, and they are now based at the U.S. Mobilization Center in Colorado.

In 2020, Gill took on the role of mission pastor to encourage, pray, counsel, and walk alongside OC workers in their ministry journey together.

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