Daily prayer for mission workers on the field is critical. They feel the prayers of their partners carrying them. Your prayers help further the Kingdom of God around the world because they strengthen, encourage, protect, and carry those who are away from home and family. In times of great spiritual harvest and in times of spiritual drought, the prayers of partners and supporters keep the workers on the field, fulfilling God’s work. Know that your prayers matter — everyday. In this OC Prayer Guide booklet, we have highlighted some of the ways you can pray for different teams and places in the world. We trust you will be deeply blessed as you bring these requests to the Father.

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Friday, November 1
for Hank and Cathy’s (Global Ministry Team) final week teaching the manuscript method of the Gospel of Mark at Capernwray Bible School to 28 young adults from around the globe. Pray the Holy Spirit leads in every way and for safe travel home 11/4-10.

Saturday, November 2
for Steve and Nate (Lifeworkx) in Uganda Nov. 1-10. 200 Ugandan pastors and church leaders will participate in a three-day Lifeworkx event, and 25 will do the two-day Lifeworkx certification.

Sunday, November 3
for Gill (USMC) as he travels to Nepal with a small short-term team and for the church planter retreat, connection with the OC team, and other ministries they will be involved in.          

Monday, November 4
God for the significant ministries on Dean’s (US-MC) recent trip to Zimbabwe and South Africa.  Dean’s paramedic son also used his training to treat 121 patients!

Tuesday, November 5
for Kyle (Spain) and a group of local men planning the Restore 2020 Men’s Retreat. Registration opens this month, and the retreat will happen mid-January. Pray that the retreat will be an encouraging and restorative event for cross-cultural workers serving in southern Spain.

Wednesday, November 6
for the Finance Dept and the Field Treasurers as last year’s books must be closed soon, and then comes audit season.

Thursday, November 7
for Joel (Ukraine), who reports that he and his team have been prohibited from the filming studio they use for programming in an important ministry language. A colleague was also kicked out of the office that Joel rented for him. Please pray that God would restore those options or provide other/better ones.

Friday, November 8
God for the sports leadership training and coaching camps A was able to hold in Mongolia and for the National Sports Leader’s Summit in Taiwan just last week. Pray for fruitfulness from those who have attended.

Saturday, November 9
for many who are suffering in Southeast Asia because of the burning of jungle in order to plant Palm Oil plantations.  The smoke from burning is at serious hazardous levels, and they are temporarily evacuated to Thailand.

Sunday, November 10
Pray with Ed and Dorothy (OC Associates/Alumni), who have been helping a small church plant that has a unique opportunity to buy a warehouse that serves as a restaurant, brewery, and disco. Lord willing, it will be a church too!  Pray for leading and provision in this unusual opportunity.

Monday, November 11
God with Mihai and Tammy (Italy) for progress in learning Italian and for the opportunity to share Christ with teachers and classmates.

Tuesday, November 12
for this week’s Transition Orientation meetings with Danny & Bonnie C and family, plus Hannah L, as they prepare to leave early next year for their new CAMENA field. 

Wednesday, November 13
the Lord for the core group of believers in Kenny & Lalaine’s city (*CAMENA) that actively witnesses to others and starts new seeker groups. Pray for a spiritual harvest in Central Asia.

Thursday, November 14
God with Lynn & Karen (Near Frontiers) that the new Black Forest Academy dorm is fully operational.  Pray for teaching/staff needs for 2020-21 school year as recruitment season is in full swing.

Friday, November 15     
Pray for Joshua’s (Guatemala) need of his resident visa.

Saturday, November 16
God for bringing the ministry of Sports Ambassadors full circle after 67 years (1952) by sending out another basketball team from Taylor University (Indiana), this time to Guatemala rather than to Taiwan.

Sunday, November 17
God with D & D (Asia) for the Myanmar Church and the recent equipping ministry there of 30 gospel workers. Pray this month as D and a partner train 30 trainers in Vietnam. 

Monday, November 18
for Kyle (Spain) and a group of local men planning the RESTORE 2020 Men’s Retreat, with registration beginning this month for the mid-January 2020 event. Pray God will use the retreat to encourage and renew cross-cultural workers serving in Southern Spain.

Tuesday, November 19
God that the Kairos Course that Scott & Maggie (Near Frontiers) help lead offers a biblical worldview and world missions perspective. Praise God that people from closed nations have come to the U.S. as never before, giving the Church a unique opportunity to proclaim Christ to unreached peoples.

Wednesday, November 20
God with Dave & Sondra (US-MC) as they rejoice in God’s faithfulness during their 40 years of marriage, their local church ministry, and their relationship with OC. Pray for the completion of the Russian translation of Sondra’s book, CORDS OF HOPE, and preparation for a Christian marriage seminar in Russia next spring for some of the adult orphans they’ve mentored for years.

Thursday, November 21
for Karl (Africa Area) as he coaches Dina (OC Associate) and encourages the Islands Missions team as they mobilize leaders for growth of the disciple-making initiatives in Madagascar and Comoros. Pray for the effective development of pastors and church-planters, leading to many new churches. 

Friday, November 22
God for Thuy’s (Lifeworkx) coaching ministry of soccer, lacrosse and track. She requests prayer for her 2020 plans for sports ministry in Asia and Africa, leading short-term teams. 

Prayer Focus November 2019 … Give THANKS

Giving THANKS to God for our many blessings! Enjoy these expressions of thanks from the One Challenge global community. Happy Thanksgiving!

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