Daily prayer for mission workers on the field is critical. They feel the prayers of their partners carrying them. Your prayers help further the Kingdom of God around the world because they strengthen, encourage, protect, and carry those who are away from home and family. In times of great spiritual harvest and in times of spiritual drought, the prayers of partners and supporters keep the workers on the field, fulfilling God’s work. Know that your prayers matter — everyday. In this OC Prayer Guide booklet, we have highlighted some of the ways you can pray for different teams and places in the world. We trust you will be deeply blessed as you bring these requests to the Father.

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Daily Prayer Points

Thursday, October 1
for Randall and Phuong (Appointees) as they are around the halfway mark in their friend/fund-raising. Ask the Lord to raise up new friends and partners who will join their team of supporters to help send them to SE Asia.

Friday, October 2
for Colombia. In this nation of 50+ million people the mission vision is growing. Most mission workers serve within the country, but a growing number are going to other lands. Bogota has one of the highest numbers of street children of any Latin America city. Pray for ministries reaching these as well as ministries among the campuses.

Saturday, October 3
Praise God
with Eric & Heather and Eric & Kara (Black Forest Academy, Germany) that all staff and 98% of the students have returned for the school year. All 150 dorm-staff and students have been tested negative for COVID-19.

Sunday, October 4
Phuveyi (Asia)
states: “The mission of God is never thwarted by lockdown; His work is in season and out of season.”  Pray for students of the Great Commission Kids Academy.  Pray for mission trainees.  Pray that Christians and churches would not relax under the pretext of COVID-19 lockdowns.

Monday, October 5
Continue to pray for our workers who have been “stuck” in the U.S. for several months waiting for COVID restrictions to lift. They are eager to return to their homes overseas and continue their ministries there. There are as many as 10 couples/families in this situation. May God’s will be done in his timing.

Tuesday, October 6
Praise God
with Paul (South Africa Regional Team) for the Anglicans Ablaze Conference done online for the first time. Normally, when held in person, attendance is about 2500. This time, with virtual access a total of 41,000 people that viewed the conference over the 3 days!

Wednesday, October 7
for Steve (Mexico) as they search for 2-3 additional Mexican board members for Urban Mosaic, a partner organization that helps transform lives and communities among the poor. Steve provides leadership for the Mexico board of directors.

Thursday, October 8
for Alex as he has just assumed more leadership responsibilities. Pray God will use his and Kristi’s unique gifts to bring even greater blessing to the Asia team members, and greater fruitfulness in new pathways of ministry under their leadership.

Friday, October 9
Praise God
with Bob and Aimee (Near Frontiers) who are thankful for the opportunity to care for an immigrant family who has come from the CAMENA region to the US. They have been able to walk with them through challenges and also serve their young boys by simply providing a place/internet for online school when needed.

Saturday, October 10
Please pray
with Dave and Debbie (SE Asia) for the persecuted church in Laos. Some of their key partners there reported that three church leaders were just jailed for their faith and their place of meeting was torn down. Others are being jailed for their faith as well.

Sunday, October 11
with Eric (US-Mobilization Center) for travel to open up to Mongolia. Eric is hoping to go to launch the first church planter coaching networks there. As well, lift up an opportunity for Eric to try out the coaching network design in the United States.

Monday, October 12
Praise God
for fruitful September OC Board Meetings! Pray for the Board as they consider areas such as ends measurement and risk management as they care for the OC family.

Tuesday, October 13
Pray with Bill and Laurie (OC Associates) who hope to travel to Brazil in November and December. May doors be open and the way clear as they have four ministry invitations that were originally scheduled for last May.

Wednesday, October 14              
Praise the Lord!  Dick (Global Church Planting Network) reports that partners in the GCPN have now trained more than 10,000 new church planters and hope to see that number doubled before the end of the year!

Thursday, October 15
Please continue to pray for firefighters and displaced residents dealing with fires in California, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado where millions of acres have been burnt and homes lost. Pray for safety, endurance, and wisdom. Pray for favorable weather to help contain the fires.

Friday, October 16
for Todd (SE Asia) as this month is one of his busiest of the year. Pray for stamina, endurance and restful sleep during this time as he collects data from the field, helps teams prepare budgets, writes proposals, teaches at an online symposium, and more.

Saturday, October 17
CORE (Pre-field training)
began this week. Pray for the 12 participants, as well as the staff and presenters, who are together for two weeks of training in Colorado Springs. Pray also for their children who have their own program.

Sunday, October 18
Praise the Lord
with Sarah and Jay (Africa) as they finally were able to cross into South Africa last week after waiting for months for clearance.  Lift them up as they enjoy the second half of their sabbatical.

Monday, October 19
for Kyle and Nell (CAMENA) as they prepare to return to the field later this month. Pray for a good transition and smooth adjustment back to life and ministry on the field. Pray also for Kory and Laura’s (Europe/CAMENA) return to the field later this month.

Tuesday, October 20
Dave and Sandy (Philippines)
were supposed to leave on Friday to return to the field. Due to some visa issues, they were not able to leave. Please pray for open doors for new timing and favor with immigration to overcome the visa issues.

Wednesday, October 21
Praise God
with Russ (US-MC) for the opportunity he had recently to teach the “Unleashing the Gospel” module for the Perspectives Course. Pray God will call many for ministry through the course.

Thursday, October 22
Lift up Alex and Betsy (SE Asia) as they have begun their home assignment. Pray for great connections with churches and supporters in Colorado, and as they travel to Chicago, the East Coast, and the UK.

Friday, October 23
for Malaysia who is experiencing a second wave of the virus that is growing each day. Pray that the government wouldn’t need to impose a heavier lockdown situation again.

Sunday, October 25
Rejoice with Josh (Asia) that 23 youth and 7 adults were able to get out for a 7-day backpack trip through the grasslands after many months of quarantine. One meaningful comment afterwards was from a 13-year-old girl: “I grew closer to God this week.”

Monday, October 26
Pray for Jess and Tracie (Faith Academy, Philippines) who both have new roles at the MK school this year. Jess is now on the Admin team as the Director of Student Life and Tracie has increased her class load.

Tuesday, October 27
for the protection of OC Global Alliance workers across Asia as they continue to reach out to the lost. At the same time many of them are in need of support that has been lost due to COVID-19. Pray for God’s mighty provision.

Wednesday, October 28
with Joel and Irena (Europe) for the Global Partners missionary school. Pray that they would have a good cohort of students this year and that the Lord would give wisdom in developing them.  Also pray for the missionary teams already graduated, and currently doing ministry.

Thursday, October 29
Praise God
with Boloroo (Global Research Team – North Asia) who completed the Church Survey in her country with an excellent report. Pray it will be used to direct national church planting efforts there.

Friday, October 30
Pray with Phuveyi  (GA – S Asia)  regarding a new youth ministry vision God has given him. This includes a one-month course with components of spiritual formation, discipline, health, and self-employment. Pray that God would use this for youth transformation.

Saturday, October 31
with Dave and Sondra (OC Associates) for Sondra’s book, Cords of Hope, which is being translated into Russian. Progress has slowed during the pandemic. Pray for the completion of this.

Sunday, November 1
Praise God
with Warren (Asia) for a new unity established among prayer networks for the unreached and unengaged peoples in South East Asia through a variety of his prayer leader connections. Hope is there for even greater, growing unity.

Monday, November 2
for the bikers whom Steve and Renee (Europe) gave Biker Bibles to on a Christian Motorcycle Association outing. Ask the Lord that they would read the scriptures, testimonies and guidance toward receiving Christ into their lives.

Tuesday, November 3
Praise God
Mihai (Italy) was able to travel to Milan for a full weekend of debriefing Christian leaders as part of the Member Care Europe team. Praise God for the good debriefing times as well as the ability to travel. Pray for patience and listening ears as he and Tammy do Member Care and Spiritual Direction appointments.

Prayer Focus … Hope (Creating Connections)

One Challenge and OC Global Alliance workers around the world are finding ways to encourage others through technology, connections in their neighborhoods, and sharing Christ’s enduring hope. Please join us in this prayer focus on hope.

Below are just a few ways OC is experiencing hope through creating connections:

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Pastor’s Pen

We’ve been blessed to have mission pastor Ralph Anderson, and his wife Joyce, at OC International for over 25 years. They have tended to our souls through the Word, prayer, counsel, and encouragement. As of June 2020 they are semi-retired. Click here to view an archive of short articles Ralph has written.