Daily prayer for mission workers on the field is critical. They feel the prayers of their partners carrying them. Your prayers help further the Kingdom of God around the world because they strengthen, encourage, protect, and carry those who are away from home and family. In times of great spiritual harvest and in times of spiritual drought, the prayers of partners and supporters keep the workers on the field, fulfilling God’s work. Know that your prayers matter -- everyday.

In this OC Prayer Guide booklet, we have highlighted some of the ways you can pray for different teams and places in the world. We trust you will be deeply blessed as you bring these requests to the Father.

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Daily Prayer Points

March 1
Pray with Gill (US-MC) as the Half Day of Prayer is today. Pray for an encouraging day of prayer and connection with the Lord. May God use the prayers of his people in powerful ways. 

March 2
Pray for Andrea (CAMENA) as she was in the earthquake zone in Turkey helping to feed first responders, survivors, and others in need (as part of a team). She is looking to go back and do more to help. Continue to pray for those suffering from the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Pray for God’s love and care to be spread amid this tragedy. Ask God to bring hope.   

March 3
Give thanks with Eric (Asia) and Jason (Asia) for the consultation with leaders from Japan and South Korea on what a discipled nation would look like. Pray for both nations to develop a national strategy for discipling their nations.   

March 4
Praise God with Dave (SE Asia) for the 30 Hmong Pastors/Master Trainers who are being equipped and have already given leadership training to over 1,300 Hmong leaders and other ethnic group leaders.   

March 5
Bowen and Sunhee (Near Frontiers) in Los Angeles and the Byron and Robyn (Near Frontiers) in Eugene, Oregon are continuing to welcome and build relationships with international students (from countries that are not typically reached in most campus ministries) to show and share the love of Jesus.  

March 6
Pray with Dan (Sports Ambassadors) and Thuy (Lifeworkx) who are introducing soccer as a tool to support the Church Planting effort in VN. This sports training for pastors is taking place mid-March.   

March 7
Thank the Lord with Alex (Asia) as he has begun a preaching series on the Ten Commandments in their International church.   

March 8
Thank the Lord with Bob and Liz (Asia) for new research they received that heightens their focus on how and who to train, coach and mentor. Pray that this research would be integrated into prayer and the Lord’s work there.   

March 9
Pray with Teresa (Outreach Canada) as she launched and led over 300 Discovery Bible Studies in the past two years growing and multiplying through Asia. She has been on the ground there for six months to do training and hopes to develop a team of local facilitators to work with the growth of this new movement.   

March 10
Join Joel and Sue (Asia) in praying for the leaders there to be able to implement what they learned in the business training they attended so they can become self-supporting.   

March 11
Join OC in praying for Spirit-inspired discernment as the Board discusses OC’s long-term impact. 

March 12
Pray with Karl (Africa) for his facilitation of coaching and training on Wednesday nights through March 15 and for effective follow-up.  

March 13
Pray especially with the new workers in the Asia Area, that they would experience success as they learn the language and adapt to their new host culture, that they would cultivate teams around themselves with local believers and like-minded expats, and that the Lord would reveal strategies that will bear fruit for his kingdom

March 14
Please be praying for the annual retreats that the Malaga team supports: Women's Retreat in mid-March and the Men's Retreat in mid-April. 

March 15
Please pray with Michael (Europe) in Greece for the continuing impact of the newspaper, Sunday fellowships, and the dial-in ministry. Michael and several members of his family are heavily involved in these ministries. 

March 16 
Pray with Summer Sports Ministry outreach to Taiwan, Germany, Latin America, Philippines, and Spain. Pray that the Lord opens hearts, Gospel shared clearly, genuine love, unity, & Body of Christ served. 

March 17 
Pray with Marc and Teresa (Brazil) for wisdom, insight and God’s heart as they provide support for the frontline workers, and as they travel for field visits with some of them this year. 

March 18
Pray with Steve (Mexico) for the continued growth of the Mexico Discipling and Pastoring of Pastors movement. Steve will continue resourcing this movement from a distance after several months’ break to resettle in the U.S. 

March 19
Please Pray with Chihana Leaders in Asia that are developing their strategy for discipling their nations. Chinana leaders are from people groups in Asia who have a cultural affinity with the people of Mongolia. 

March 20 
Please pray for creative opportunities to raise more support and for wisdom adapting to salary adjustments for those Global Ministry workers, who are beginning to change work status. 

March 21 
Praise God! Our coworker Y (Asia) has accepted a position in a school in Japan as a tentmaker. She will go to teach Japanese and art for both primary and secondary school. 

March 22  
Please pray with Alex (Philippines - Sports Ambassadors) as he prepares the schedule for a Philippines trip and Robin as he coordinates the team, that God would lead us to the right athletes, and the places where the Gospel will be received. 

March 23 
Pray with all our OC mission worker appointees that they would sense God’s presence and provision as they make preparations to leave for their places of service. Ask for patience for right timing for visas, support development, and logistics in those countries, in His timing. 

March 24 
Please pray with Dave and Glenda (Asia) for the local staff members as they continue working in the constantly changing and tightening environment and for the expat teams getting the official visa approvals required to return to Asia. 

March 25
Pray with the Global Research Team and the new collaborative research website called This site that was launched in January 2022, could be a very helpful secure online sharing of research information and leadership social connection for years to come! 

March 26 
Please pray with Dave (OC Associate) for our involvement in leading the East Sound Network in the Seattle area and leading Vinia on the West Coast. Ask God to give pastors and leaders the connection, clarity and confidence they need to pursue the results God wants. 

March 27  
Scott and Maggie (Near Frontiers) have returned to facilitating in-person Kairos courses in the Pacific Northwest! Pray for continued momentum, more such courses! 

March 28
Praise God with Edwin (Guatemala) as the Lord has opened a big door for “Women in Christ” ministry events in Guatemala. We praise the Lord for the impact of this work and request prayer for the Lord’s leading for the future of the ministry.  

March 29 
Pray with Lynn and Karen (CAMENA) as the next three months will be a lot of traveling for Karen at a board governance conference in Spain and Lynn’s involvement with preaching in Germany and his winter 2023 pastoral newsletter mailing. 

March 30
Give thanks with Outreach Canada as it has been growing through the Pandemic. We have added many new associates and team members in all areas of Ministry in Canada and abroad. They have set a goal of having at least one DMM facilitator in every electoral district of Canada by the end of next year (338 districts). 

March 31 
Pray for the upcoming (April) Encouragement for Leaders retreat facilitated by OC-UK to church leaders, spouses, and other ministry workers from various UK churches. We are thankful that Roger (UK board chair) is healthy and willing to organize this retreat. 

OC Global Alliance Partnership

The OC Global Alliance (OC GA) is an association of 15 sending centers spread across the world. All members of the OC GA share a common vision, mission, values, and strategy. This commitment to partnership multiplies the love of Jesus to grow new believers in the global church.

Join Us in Prayer

  • Pray for the upcoming OC GA meetings in southern Spain this May. Pray for an increased time of collaboration and unity.
  • Pray for Craig in his new role, that he would have discernment to help create this position and facilitate increased collaboration and communication.
  • Pray for more to join in the OC GA efforts to see the world impacted by the gospel.
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