Daily prayer for mission workers on the field is critical. They feel the prayers of their partners carrying them. Your prayers help further the Kingdom of God around the world because they strengthen, encourage, protect, and carry those who are away from home and family. In times of great spiritual harvest and in times of spiritual drought, the prayers of partners and supporters keep the workers on the field, fulfilling God’s work. Know that your prayers matter — everyday. In this OC Prayer Guide booklet, we have highlighted some of the ways you can pray for different teams and places in the world. We trust you will be deeply blessed as you bring these requests to the Father.

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Daily Prayer Points

Wednesday, January 1
“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” Prov 16:9 Let us all pray that the Lord establishes and directs our steps in this new year.

Thursday, January 2   
We ask God to bless the 100+ partners who give to OC’s General Fund. In doing so, they touch OC workers worldwide. May the Lord multiply such partners and inspire them to joyful generosity.

Friday, January 3 
Pray for a student teacher who will be joining Eric and Heather at Black Forest Academy (Germany) today and teaching middle school. Pray for her safe travel and good integration.

Saturday, January 4
Praise God Lynn (Near Frontiers)
completed his year as interim pastor in their home church in Germany. It was a really good year (so thankful!), and he feels that he was able to help the Ev. Free Church in Füssen emerge out of the valley it was in at the start of the year.

Sunday, January 5
Praise God
for healing in Laura’s (Europe) body and continued successful therapy. She is feeling better than ever and thankful for His healing hand!

Monday, January 6
Praise God
for 65 years of Philippine Challenge! The celebration of Philippine Challenge’s 65th Anniversary was an evening of worship and thanksgiving. Glory to our God for six and a half decades of assisting and working alongside of the Philippine church and reaching to other parts of the world.

Tuesday, January 7
Praise God
for the release of Bill and Laurie’s book, Course of a Mentor (OC alumni/SEPAL Brazil). Pray for its use in Brazil and beyond in motivating many believers to mentor others in Christ.

Wednesday, January 8
with Jay and Sarah (South Africa Regional Team) that God would sovereignly control the calendar of the university that their students attend. The leaders of the university can change the school calendar at a moment’s notice, making it impossible for anyone connected to the university to make plans.  We are asking God to keep the calendar as it was published over a month ago, with a ten-week break in the first quarter, so Jay and Sarah can run their very effective “Lose Your Life” youth ministry.

Thursday, January 9
with Joel and Irena (Ukraine) for four graduates of the missionary training program who have completed six months of ministry in Ukraine. They will be going to the Philippines in February to work under the direction of Philippine Challenge. Pray for financial provision and success.

Friday, January 10
Praise God
for a successful Healthy Pastors’ retreat in Dominican Republic which meant so much to 54 pastors and spouses. David (International Ministry Team) repeatedly heard people marveling that they had decades of pastoral experience without ever having heard some of the foundational and life-giving truths they shared. Pastors’ lives and therefore many church members’ lives are likely to change deeply.

Saturday, January 11
Please pray
for the 2020 OC Leadership Conference scheduled for April: for guidance of the Holy Spirit in pre-conference discussions, bringing to light the things God would want us to be hearing from Him, in preparation for the conference. Please pray that select OC partners would provide valuable ‘outside’ input into OC regarding global trends, and how OC can best engage the opportunities and challenges presented by those trends.

Sunday, January 12
Praise God! D and G (Asia)
received new country visas so they can continue working in country for up to 10 more years (dependent upon G’s hospital work contracts continuing to be renewed annually).  What a wonderful answer to prayer! Thank you for praying with us!

Monday, January 13
Pray for David and David (Singapore)
who travel to SE Asia next week with three leaders from the U.S. to meet with 35-40 church leaders. Pray for the extended teaching times on leadership and strategic planning that will take place during these days. Ask the Lord to help forge a national church planting plan.

Tuesday, January 14
Praise God Mihai and Tammy (Europe)
have made significant language progress. Mihai has been able to meet with many people in the community through sports and outreach and joined two volleyball teams. There seems to be many opportunities for sports ministry.

Wednesday, January 15
Praise God
for the great progress on the building façade.  The new metal paneling has been installed on the roof sections leaving the face and soffit sections to be done. Pray for the safety of those doing the work and for a successful completion of the new façade. Pray also for the rental of a first-floor vacant office suite.

Thursday, January 16
for Daniel and Ellen (International Ministry Team) who are ministering in Sydney, Australia.  Pray God will give them wisdom, discernment and good listening ears to help each one they connect with progress in their personal spiritual journey.

Friday, January 17
Pray for David and Cherie (US-MC)
who are traveling in Latin America through the end of the month and ministering to our teams in Guatemala, Mexico and Brazil.  Pray God’s anointing on each connection and strength for Cherie as she continues to heal from her foot surgery.

Saturday, January 18
Give thanks to God with Dave and Tracy (SA/US-MC) for the marriage of their daughter, Kari, to Mark, and with Stan and Donna (US-MC) who celebrated the marriage of their son, Chris, to Megan. Pray God’s blessing and prospering on these unions. Pray God’s anointing on their lives together. 

Sunday, January 19        
Pray for Warren (Asia Regional Team) who recently returned to his field of service after several months of home assignment. His wife, Alisa, is staying behind for a short while to care for her mom. Pray for God’s help and direction in their separate journeys in upcoming days. 

Monday, January 20
Join us in thanking the Lord for His abundant provisions for the mission in the final weeks of 2019.  May we know His mind in the using of these resources.

Tuesday, January 21
Lift up
Patti, Katie Beth, and Sue (US-MC) each of whom are dealing with challenging health issues in the past weeks.  Pray for effective medical care, sound healing and spiritual encouragement in each family.

Wednesday, January 22
Pray for Ron and Mikel Ann who are in the Ukraine teaching at a missionary training school. Pray God will use them to build into the students, equipping them for fruitful ministries. They return home early February.

Thursday, January 23
for Marjorie who has begun a 3-month home assignment. Pray her time connecting with family and friends will be mutually enriching. Pray also the DMM ministries she has helped develop will continue flourishing in her absence.

Friday, January 24
We praise God with Luis Palau (OC Alumni) who, after a lengthy battle with cancer, has officially been declared in remission. Pray for ongoing healing and the Lord’s purposes to be known in Luis.

Saturday, January 25
for Christine, an important member of the US-MC Communications Team, who has had three surgeries this past year for hand/wrist challenges. Progress in healing has been slow. Pray for complete healing and daily spiritual encouragement.

Sunday, January 26
Pray for Jim (US-MC), whose mother ended her earthly journey early this month. Pray God’s comfort to be known and His direction as burial and memorial services are being planned for the end of this month.

Monday, January 27
for Bob (International Ministry Team) who is completing a two-week trip in Kiev where he met with his ministry leaders to review 2019 and make plans for 2020. Pray God’s anointing and direction on every connection. This is Bob’s first trip since the passing of his wife.

Tuesday, January 28
Pray with Tim and Annette (International Ministry Team) for a team of programmers transferring the their youth leader’s material to a new, mobile friendly website. Pray for clarity, catching problems as they arise, and perseverance to successfully complete the project.

Wednesday, January 29
Pray for Dave and Sandy (Philippines) who, after an extended time in the States caring for family matters, are preparing to return to the Philippines. Pray for storage places for their belongings, including their car for the next four years. 

Thursday, January 30
Pray for B and L (Asia) as they’re meeting regularly with local workers in their city to equip them for fruitful ministries. Pray for direction in updating some of the material and for balance/pace for B and L during these full days of ministry.

Friday, January 31
Praise God
with Demo (Asia) who is on a home visit and thankful for time with family and connecting with supporting churches and friends in Nagaland. Pray for his ministry country as people there are experiencing extreme cold.

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