Daily prayer for mission workers on the field is critical. They feel the prayers of their partners carrying them. Your prayers help further the Kingdom of God around the world because they strengthen, encourage, protect, and carry those who are away from home and family. In times of great spiritual harvest and in times of spiritual drought, the prayers of partners and supporters keep the workers on the field, fulfilling God’s work. Know that your prayers matter — everyday. In this OC Prayer Guide booklet, we have highlighted some of the ways you can pray for different teams and places in the world. We trust you will be deeply blessed as you bring these requests to the Father.

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Daily Prayer Points

Thursday, April 1
for Tom and Maddy (Furlough) who are ready to move and seek God’s good plan for their future ministry as they explore various options. May Jesus, the Good Shepherd, guide them into paths of righteousness, for his name sake.

Friday, April 2
for Kara (Black Forest Academy, Germany) for much grace with her heavy responsibilities as head school nurse as she serves physical and mental health needs. Pray for the Lord to send additional nurses to serve at BFA. 

Saturday, April 3
for Paul and Karl (South Africa Regional Team) as they facilitate an on-line coaching course for 70+ leaders from five countries. May the Lord make these on-line sessions effective and fruitful in every way in the lives of African church leaders and churches.

Sunday, April 4
Praise God
with Danny and Bonnie (CAMENA) as they celebrate the Lord’s faithfulness over the past year since they left the U.S. and arrived in their host country. They are grateful for the hospitality of local friends who welcome them into their homes and lives. Praise God for His protection during recent military action. Pray for their language study and their weekly English classes in a refugee camp, youth prison, and women’s shelter.

Monday, April 5
Continue to pray for Alex and Betsy (SE Asia) who continue to wait and work remotely in the U.S., eager to return “home.” Pray for their clearance to travel, plus Alex’s online teaching with 22 undergrad students and a new doctoral class to lead this month.

Tuesday, April 6
for Amber (CAMENA) who is serving at a counseling center in an inter-agency for workers in the CAMENA region. Ask the Lord to give Amber and her teammates great wisdom and grace to support and encourage those who are dealing with personal and family issues.

Wednesday, April 7
Praise God
with Joshua (Guatemala) that he is finally able to fly back to Guatemala, after spending a year in the U.S. Pray for his adjustment back to life and ministry with his SEPAL teammates: Hector, Jaime, Luis, and Misael. Ask the Lord to give them unity and joy in serving You together, including the El Pastor publication sent out to urban and rural pastors. 

Thursday, April 8
for Myanmar where political struggles are occurring. Pray for ministry contacts within the country to be bold for Christ, using this opportunity to demonstrate the Father’s love as they share the gospel in the midst of a military takeover of the government.

Friday, April 9
Praise God
with Dave and Debbie (International Ministry Team) for two recent online conferences for 674 church leaders in Brazil and many others in Spanish-speaking countries. May the Lord use the focus on Intentional Disciple-Making Churches to bring much spiritual fruit and strength to his Body in Latin America. 

Saturday, April 10
Please pray
with Jeff and Robin (Taiwan) that their sports ministry team will be able to establish “all city” teams throughout the island by the end of this year. May the growth in gospel outreach continue!

Sunday, April 11
Gives thanks to God
with Demo (S Asia) for the recent re-opening of his country’s borders and the new church planting training of 10 leaders in February. Pray for new churches being planted and for many believers who have not yet returned to their local fellowships due to the pandemic. 

Monday, April 12
Give thanks to God
with Ted and Claudia (CAMENA) for their invitation to teach a virtual missions class to 120 Brazilian young people. Praise God that the class was recorded and turned into a missionary training book!

Tuesday, April 13
Pray for Tim and Annette (International Ministry Team) as they work toward their 2021 goal to provide online resources for youth leaders and churches in the Spanish-speaking world. Ask the Lord to bless the ParaLideres website and their mentoring and coaching of global youth leaders.

Wednesday, April 14     
Pray for Ron and Mikel Ann (OC Associates) as they travel to teach at Joel and Irena’s (Ukraine) missionary training school. They will be teaching on Bible study methods, leadership, and basic counseling skills. Pray for the right COVID test results that are required for travel.

Thursday, April 15
with Enoque (Global Alliance-CAMENA) as he and his colleagues are trusting they will have answers from Brazilian churches regarding support to achieve what is necessary for the projects they are developing and also for family support. Pray for the churches of Brazil as they seek to support those they have sent in the midst of pandemic challenges.

Friday, April 16
Praise God
with Paul (South Africa Regional Team) who is thankful for the opportunity to teach part of a course at the University of Pretoria. On his first day teaching, he was asked to pick up KFC for the 20 students because protests in the area had made food nearby unavailable. The lecture and the chicken were both well received!

Saturday, April 17
for the OC Learning Conference that kicks off early Monday. David (US-MC) requests prayer for last-minute conference preparations, like smaller details, IT issues, etc. Please pray for participants’ pre-conference preparations. Pray for finalization of conference technology setup and for finalization of plenary sessions. Please pray for overall efficiency in planning and coordination.

Sunday, April 18
Many are in transition – Doug and Barbara and Ken and Diane (SEPAL Brazil)
are in transition these coming months as they relocate to the U.S. Pray for abundant patience and wisdom in decision-making and as well as healthy goodbyes to beloved teammates, as they complete the turn-over to national leadership. Hilde (Guatemala) is transitioning from her Central American ministry to the Global Research Team and is relocating to the U.S. Pray for her financial and prayer support in her transition, as well as how to bless others with personal items she would like to give away. Praise God that Joshua (Guatemala) was able to make it back to his field even after the president closed the country because of the pandemic, and a volcano spewed ash closing the airport on the exact day that he was supposed to travel!  He did manage to get home and is back in his same apartment. Pray for John and Heather (South Africa Regional Team) as they are in the throes of closing down their home in SA to finalize their transition to indigenous ministries in New Mexico. While John is on site, Heather is doing this virtually. Pray for them in this emotional and challenging transition with all its difficult goodbyes.

Monday, April 19
with Dr Dozo (S Asia) that in-person classes have resumed at The Great Commission Academy after nearly a year. Pray for his daily Bible class with seniors, that God’s Word would come alive and find practical application in the lives of the young people.

Tuesday, April 20
with Roger (OC-UK) for the Lord’s provision of new trustees/board members for OC-UK as they look to the future. May the Lord, give renewed vision and understanding to the current and potential new trustees. Ask the Lord for His protection and blessing upon all members of the Global Alliance, serving around the world, especially in the context of the Covid-19 virus. May their lives and ministries bear much spiritual fruit as they learn to minister in new and creative ways.

Wednesday, April 21
Pray with Craig (Outreach Canada)
as Outreach Canada has sent workers to two creative access countries for the first time. Pray for God’s grace as they learn how best to deploy, support, and protect these new partners.

Thursday, April 22
Pray with Phuveyi (S Asia) for the fulfillment of a vision for a new training college for pastors and missionaries, equipping them for effective outreach to “Cousins”, Hindus, and Buddhists in the region. Pray the Lord will guide and provide for the completion of the main building and library projects.

Friday, April 23
Thank the Lord
with Paul (US-MC) for bringing Taylor to join the OC’s IT Team. May Paul and Taylor serve well together in meeting the growing IT needs of the broader OC family around the world.

Sunday, April 25
Rejoice with Jojo (GA – Philippine Challenge) that representatives from the OC Global Alliance guidance team have enjoyed meeting via zoom every second month. Praise God that this has increased communication and connection between OC’s mobilization centers. Pray that these virtual meetings will be rich times of sharing, learning, and encouraging each other.

Monday, April 26
Japan and South Korea haven’t yet developed national plans for saturating their countries with churches. Pray for vision and unity within the two groups, as well as a partnership in outreach between U.S. and South Korean mission agencies.  

Tuesday, April 27
Warren and April (Diaspora)
report that over two million Chinese immigrants have recently arrived in Africa, looking for jobs or investment opportunities. Pray for effective follow-up by churches and believers from last month’s Chinese outreach projects held in major African cities during Chinese New Year.

Wednesday, April 28
for the Cousin world and OC ministry to this unreached group in so many countries around the globe. The fasting month runs from April 13 to May 12 and is a time when many are seeking to strengthen their faith and practice. Pray for open doors to faith in Jesus.

Thursday, April 29
with Etta (US-MC) for the new COCO (CORE Cohort), which began two weeks ago. Fifteen appointees are ready to participate, with eight virtual weekly sessions, leading into CORE LIVE for two weeks in June. Pray for these new workers, that their hearts and heads would be ready to receive what God has for them. Pray for the presenters, that they would facilitate training for maximum Kingdom impact. Pray for staff as they bring many details together.

Friday, April 30
Praise God
with Bob (International Ministry Team) for the recent family camp and sports camp for kids held in the Ukraine. Ask God for continuing fruit in this ministry.


Prayer Focus … April 2021 … OC Annual Report

This OC Annual Report represents the collaborative ministry of the OC-GA. Each one points to disciples, leaders, and groups you are helping to thrive and multiply. Thank you for joining us in the challenge through prayer!

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Take Heart from Pastor Gill

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