Daily prayer for mission workers on the field is critical. They feel the prayers of their partners carrying them. Your prayers help further the Kingdom of God around the world because they strengthen, encourage, protect, and carry those who are away from home and family. In times of great spiritual harvest and in times of spiritual drought, the prayers of partners and supporters keep the workers on the field, fulfilling God’s work. Know that your prayers matter — everyday. In this OC Prayer Guide booklet, we have highlighted some of the ways you can pray for different teams and places in the world. We trust you will be deeply blessed as you bring these requests to the Father.

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Daily Prayer Points

Friday, January 1
Praise God
for a new year and that he can make all things new. Praise God for the release of COVID vaccines. We look to him for direction and provision in the 2021. May this year bring more souls into the kingdom than any previous year.

Saturday, January 2
Praise God
with Dave (SE Asia) for the pastors they’ve trained who are reporting great fruitfulness. One trained 16 of his members to lead Outreach Bible Studies by group chat. They have started 22 Outreach Bible Studies with 173 new believers! Another reported 40 new attendees at live worship that are the fruit of their Group Chats!

Sunday, January 3
Praise God
with Joel and Sue (S Asia) for the two wells that were dug in two different villages on their field and for those who heard the story of living water as a result.  Ask the Lord for lasting fruit

Monday, January 4
Give thanks to God
with Heather (South Africa Regional Team) that funds that couldn’t be used for direct training could be used to meet needs at the schools that would have benefited from the training. The help included shoes, food stuffs, a new toilet, a kitchen-structure, medical bills, mattresses, and more.

Tuesday, January 5
Rejoice with D and G (Asia)
that sales for Evergreen Cards were especially strong during the entire fall/pre-holiday season. Despite COVID challenges, they’ve had their best year ever here in North America and globally. Praise the Lord!

Wednesday, January 6
Thank God
with Tony and Tracy (SE Asia) for the transformations they have seen in new believers over the last year – from darkness to light. The newfound joy and hope are contagious! Thank the Lord with B and L (SE Asia) for network of workers sharing basic food needs on their field. Please pray for Christ’s love to be experienced by those who are helped as the food is given and as he draws people closer to himself.

Thursday, January 7
Join all of OC in praising God for his faithful provision, and for each and every donor and donation to OC. Pray for strength for the Finance Department as they process donations. Pray for OC leadership and personnel as they seek to steward the funds wisely for kingdom growth.

Friday, January 8
Dan (Sports Ambassadors)
is looking forward to virtual basketball ministry in Zambia this year with basketball camps in three key areas of the country. Pray for Dan, who will speak with all the professional male and female basketball team’s chaplains in the country. Praise God with Jeff and Robin (Taiwan) for those that are consistently coming to Wednesday English Bible Study at the local sports university. Pray that hearts will be touched by God for eternity through this study.

Saturday, January 9
Praise God
with Phuveyi (Global Alliance – S Asia) for the rewarding, daily lessons from Bible characters with classes of eight to twelve students (about 70 of them) at the Great Commission Kids Academy. These have been a great blessing. Pray for a powerful and lasting impact in the students’ lives.

Sunday, January 10
Please pray with Kenny (CAMENA) for the challenges that have arisen amidst the COVID-19 problems in his country. Many contacts and follow-up meetings happen in cafes that have now been ordered to shutdown due to the pandemic. With the cold weather, options for meeting are fewer so please pray creative ways for people to meet.

Monday, January 11
Give thanks to God
with Nell and Kyle (CAMENA) for the opportunity Nell had to facilitate the Coaching Workshop for 17 participants through See Beyond. Pray for these folks as they put coaching into practice and develop their new skills.

Tuesday, January 12
Give Thanks to God
with JD and J (Asia) for the many opportunities they’ve had to train cross-cultural workers, reach out to new friends about the faith and to serve in their church. May God continue to bless and expand their work.

Wednesday, January 13
Praise the Lord
with Russ and Cathy (US-MC) for the God-given opportunities to equip workers last fall: teaching the Foundations of World Missions at Taylor University, facilitating 2 online Kairos Courses, and sharing with 2 groups of the Perspectives in World Mission course. Pray for more opportunities in the new year.

Thursday, January 14
Pray with Alex and Kristi (Taiwan) as they hold a “Ready, Set, Go” training in the capital city this weekend. Pray for leaders willing to be trained. Pray also for the Winter Basketball Camp to be held Jan 25-27. The training for volunteer leaders is Jan 23-24. Pray for God to work in the hearts of the participants during the camp and beyond.

Friday, January 15           
Pray for Alex and Betsy (SE Asia) who are anticipating a return to their country soon. Pray with them that the remainder of their home assignment would be restful and refreshing. Praise God with Jay and Sarah (Africa) for a restful and restorative time of sabbatical. Pray for them as they return to their country later this month, that they can be a blessing in helping to disciple the nation. Pray for Bobby and Hope (CAMENA) who desire to start their assignment in a new country this spring. Pray the COVID-19 restrictions change to allow them into the country, for the renewal of passports, for increased funding since expenses of the new country are much higher, and for visa approval for their new country

Saturday, January 16
God that He has worked through the global pandemic to bring harvest among the lost. Christians in Africa, Asia, India, Latin America and others have taken the risk and made sacrifices to give to those in need. Doors have been opened, many have come to Christ and opposition in some parts has been quieted.

Sunday, January 17
Give thanks to God
with James and Irene (Global Alliance-SE Asia) for the unity of the churches in responding to needs in the wake of four typhoons in just two weeks. Philippine Challenge partnered with many pastors in assisting more than 1,450 families who were heavily affected. Pray the church will continue to have an impact for Christ in those affected communities.  

Monday, January 18
Give praise to God
with Tim and Annette (International Ministry Team) for the opportunity to support youth workers in under-resourced areas, for the team of the website, for technology which allowed them to continue teaching, and one live video done with a church in Argentina that was viewed 161 times on YouTube.

Tuesday, January 19
Praise the Lord  with Renée (Europe) who had the opportunity to lead Lucy to the Lord during a walk. They had only met once before on their Zoom home group as she is girlfriend of a guy in the group. Praise the Lord and lift up Lucy on her new journey!

Wednesday, January 20
for Laura (Europe) who has been asked to join a team planning a national missions conference in their country of service next month. Many different leaders are involved in the planning. Ask God to grow the missions movement in this nation through this effort.

Thursday, January 21
for Dave and Sandy (SE Asia) as they evaluate the many opportunities for ministry that are in front of them. They all have huge potential for great expansion and much fruit. Pray with them for His direction and His priorities.

Friday, January 22
Pray with Mihai (Italy) who has been working with the coalition of evangelical churches in their city that provides meals for immigrants, homeless, jobless, etc. On an average night they feed between 300-400 people, in addition to handing out clothing and non-perishable foods. They also help people find jobs, temporary housing and provide showers. Ask the Lord to bring lasting fruit.

Saturday, January 23
Pray as the Gospel goes over the airwaves of FEBC, that God will open the hearts of many to receive the Light of Jesus’ love and redemption.

Sunday, January 24
Give thanks to God
for Taylor (US-MC) who has joined Paul in the IT Dept. Pray his acclimation is short and his contribution to the US-MC be blessed.

Monday, January 25
Praise God
with Joel and Irena (Europe) that the Persian ministry has seen many new believers come to faith this year. They reach about 200,000 weekly online, helping to organize churches and small groups in several closed countries. Pray for their partners who work in getting Bibles and discipleship materials into closed countries.

Tuesday, January 26
Pray for health, healing, and protection for our workers and partners around the world. Some are recovering from COVID. Others (or their loved ones) are dealing with difficult medical issues. Pray for strength and good medical assistance.


Prayer Focus … OC New Year 2021

As you enter into 2021, remember the rock-solid hope you have in Jesus, ask how God is at work around you, and roll up your sleeves. God may surprise you by how he works!

Here are some One Challenge (OC) ministry highlights from 2020 and prayer requests for 2021.

One Challenge New Year 2021

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