Daily prayer for mission workers on the field is critical. They feel the prayers of their partners carrying them. Your prayers help further the Kingdom of God around the world because they strengthen, encourage, protect, and carry those who are away from home and family. In times of great spiritual harvest and in times of spiritual drought, the prayers of partners and supporters keep the workers on the field, fulfilling God’s work. Know that your prayers matter — everyday. In this OC Prayer Guide booklet, we have highlighted some of the ways you can pray for different teams and places in the world. We trust you will be deeply blessed as you bring these requests to the Father.

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Daily Prayer Points

Wednesday, July 29
for our 18 CORE (pre-field training) participants, doing training virtually rather than in person. Pray for strength for Zoom classes and wisdom for CORE leadership how to deliver some special in-person training that was planned for August but has been cancelled.

Thursday, July 30
Praise God
with Alex and Kristi (Taiwan) as Alex has started a new coaching job with Dreamers Jr Pro team. He’s coaching 17 guys and a few staff, and has had several opportunities to share the good news and do a media interview – and they may publish his testimony!

Friday, July 31
Praise God
with Thamsing (Asia/GA/SA) for the Hindu man, his wife and three children who received Christ and were baptized last month through the ministry.

Saturday, August 1
Please continue to pray for Sarah and Jay (Zimbabwe) as they are still trying to get to South Africa and struggle to get approval to enter, not to mention basic information on quarantine rules and so much more.  Praise God for a new water setup and solar which is making life more bearable in a very taxing situation at home in Zimbabwe.

Sunday, August 2   
Pray with Warren for wisdom for the South East Asia Church Planting Network leadership to know how best to gather national church planting leaders virtually to maintain training and coaching momentum through COVID.

Monday, August 3 
Praise God with Nate and Steve (Lifeworkx) for John, a Lifeworkx partner in Pakistan, for the sharing of the gospel with 1,397 Pakistani’s during the pandemic.  He reports, however, that some Christians are renouncing their faith to get food from the local officials.  Please pray!

Tuesday, August 4
with the Global Research Team that Stephanie’s (GRT) participation on the Steering Group of the M (Cousins) World Forum was used by the Lord to help this long-established group move to a virtual platform. As a result, June attendance was triple that of their prior two gatherings. Praise God!

Wednesday, August 5
Pray with Phuveyi (Nagaland) for the United College of Theology and Mission as they wait for students to return and resume training. He is thankful to have been able to prepare the syllabus and curriculum on Cross-Cultural Communication for the MDiv students.

Thursday, August 6
Praise God
with Dave (Philippines) who reports that Outreach Bible Studies in the Philippines using Group Chat are starting to multiply strongly and are bearing much fruit. He has one group himself and has been surprised just how well it works!

Friday, August 7
Doug (Brazil),
along with some pastor friends, have invited 10 local pastors to contribute to a booklet called Growing Strong and Bearing Fruit in a Pandemic – How churches and their leaders can respond after sheltering-at-home. Pray for the positive impact of this booklet in cities and smaller communities.

Saturday, August 8
Praise God
with B and L (SE Asia) for the formation of “HUNGER with Love Blessing.” This is not just a “food distribution program” as the recipients are prayed over before, during and after, that they may experience the hands of God reaching down to them, inviting them to his love and his presence in their lives.

Sunday, August 9
­Pray for Daniel and Ellen (International Ministry Team) who are completing the second half of an 8-week ministry trip in South Korea. They are coaching, teaching and working with couples in ministry. Pray for effective equipping and ministry connections.

Monday, August 10
Give thanks to God
with Tony and Tracy (SE Asia) for the opportunity to partner with Samaritan’s Purse and Christians across their region in delivering needed food and supplies to the migrants and refugee communities. Please pray for follow up and that the body of Christ will continue their outreach to these precious people over the long term.

Tuesday, August 11
Please pray for Karl (South Africa Regional Team) as he coordinates the Church Planting team of the Kingdom Valley LEAN to develop local community leaders to effectively evangelize and disciple people in 21 local townships.

Wednesday, August 12
Thank God
with Tim and Annette (International Ministry Team) for a successful online class that they prepared and taught with 100 students from 8 different countries in Latin America.  The title of the class was, “How to Lead Outstanding Classes Online!”

Thursday, August 13
with Steve and Jan (Mexico) for Mexico which right now is around 4th or 5th in the world for highest number of COVID-19 deaths. Things are still pretty serious in many parts of the country, especially the central region where we are. Pray with Carolyn (OC Associate) for Brazil and her many co-workers and friends there. Pray for the nation as they deal with the COVID-19 pandemic and for the church as they minister in the midst of it.

Friday, August 14
Praise God!
Much needed food has been provided to nearly 20,000 families, and maybe more, through the Global Church Planting Network (GCPN) networks. As well, church planters working with GCPN have gained access to places and people in these days that were previously inaccessible – for example, in one area of South Asia, 41 new believers were baptized!

Saturday, August 15
with Emil and Sarah (Malaga) for workers they are connected with in the CAMENA region. Pray for unity and love among the workers who are bringing the good news in these difficult places, both expat and local.

Sunday, August 16
Praise God
with Dan (Sports Ambassadors) that he has 15 invitations to different countries for sports ministry between now and the end of 2021. Pray for these invitations to come to fruition including plans to travel to Kenya perhaps this month.

Monday, August 17
Please pray with Steve and Debbie (SE Asia)
as they and their teams work among the marginalized helping to build obedient disciples of Christ. Pray as they have targeted gathering more than ten groups of nightclub singers into Discovery Bible Studies.

Tuesday, August 18
Pray for Dennis and Evangeline (Faith Academy, Philippines) as they begin their one-year home assignment. May it be filled with spiritual renewal, rest, and great connections with supporting churches and ministry partners. May God also bring new friendships!

Wednesday, August 19 
Praise God with Dave (SE Asia) who is thankful to be back home with Barb for more than a month now after a long separation! In the upcoming months, he will be teaching two remote courses via Zoom. One is for students in the Himalayan region on Inductive Bible Study and the other for students in SE Asia on the Gospel of John. Please pray.

Thursday, August 20
Pray for Stan (Global Research Team) as he has launched to help bring new paradigms to sharing the gospel. Pray for opportunities to coach and equip in this area and for effective impact as the gospel goes forth.

Friday, August 21
Praise God
with Thungjamo (Asia) that an article he wrote on a Biblical and brighter view of life under lockdown was published in three newspapers in his city.

 Saturday, August 22
Pray with Steve and Renee (UK) who seek wisdom and sensitivity to the Spirit’s leading as they come alongside people in the midst of much uncertainty and job loss. In this “one day at a time” season they seek to spur one another on in faith and trust in the Good Shepherd.

Sunday, August 23
with Bob (International Ministry Team) about plans for travel to Mongolia this fall. He is thankful for the 12 churches pioneered by his pastoral team there and for the growing camping ministry.

Monday, August 24
Praise God with Thamsing (Asia/GA/SA) for the Hindu man, his wife and three children who received Christ and were baptized in June through the ministry. Pray for their growth in the Holy Spirit.

Tuesday, August 25
Praise God
with Bill and Laurie (OC Associates) for their continued opportunities to meet with and mentor Brazilian missionaries globally via the internet. Pray for strength, health and decisions to be made about upcoming opportunities.

Wednesday, August 26
Rejoice with Dana and Karen (SE Asia) in how the small booklet,True Fasting, has helped move many to repentance and put them on a journey to faith in Christ and into a small group.  Pray for continued fruit!

Thursday, August 27
for some of our global mission workers who are actively engaged in discussion and discernment for their next ministry and the path that leads there. Ask for God’s wisdom and for joy while confidently resting in him. Pray also for workers who are considering expanding ministries to new areas. Ask for God’s clear guidance and for local partnerships.

Friday, August 28
with Greg and Denyse (International Ministry Team) as they establish and lead the development of a new structure to provide ministry direction, coaching, mentoring and oversight for OC Associates working in the US.

Saturday, August 29
Give thanks to God
for answering prayers for physical healing for several of our workers who have had surgery or other health issues. Pray for God’s continued healing, and his protection on all our workers and their families amidst the pandemic.   

Sunday, August 30
Our appointees finished their last virtual CORE Cohort meeting (pre-field training) earlier this month. Pray for this group as they continue taking steps in the areas of friend/fundraising, language learning, and other preparations. Also pray for the CORE planning team as they consider new dates for the CORE Together time (in person training). There are obvious challenges in all these things at this unique time.

Monday, August 31
Dear Lord, we lift you up and praise you. You are sovereign and loving. Though the world is fighting a pandemic and many other battles, you are in control. We do not know the future, but you do. We trust you and pray, “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

Prayer Focus … Pre-Field Training in an Online Environment

In the wake of COVID, One Challenge changed this year’s summer training program and have re-tooled this training into a hybrid of weekly online video sessions and in-person training as allowed.

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