In times of great spiritual harvest and in times of spiritual drought, the prayers of partners and supporters keep the workers on the field, fulfilling God’s work. Know that your prayers matter — everyday.

In this OC Prayer Guide booklet, we have highlighted some of the ways you can pray for different teams and places in the world. We trust you will be deeply blessed as you bring these requests to the Father.

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Daily Prayer Points

Sunday, August 29
with Alex and Kristi (Taiwan) who are asking the Lord to raise up 30 people to commit themselves as confirmed members for the sports ministry organization which is required for the government’s approval. 

Monday, August 30
Thank the Lord
with Todd and Beth (Africa) who arrived safely on their field earlier this month and were able to enter the country despite restrictions. Todd was even able to teach a course on CPR within days after their arrival! Pray for them as they adjust to their new life there.

Tuesday, August 31
Praise God
with Phuveyi (S Asia) who is thankful for a special retreat that the teachers at the Great Commission Kids Academy were able to have and for good test results for many of the students. Pray for the students and teachers.

Wednesday, September 1
Please pray
with Tony and Tracy (SE Asia) for their nation which has seen an extreme rise in COVID-19 cases. They are feeling “COVID-fatigued.”  Pray for the school where their kids attend and for the many who are finding online school a big challenge. Please be praying for all of our MK/TCK schools, teachers and students who are, or will be, starting back to school soon. Pray for a good start to the year despite the ongoing pandemic and restrictions in many places.

Thursday, September 2
Give thanks to God with Sara
(Bulgaria, GRT) for His continued faithfulness as she deals with unknowns in her agriculture and marketing ministry. Please pray with Sara for preparation for the Diaspora Peoples of Europe meeting coming up this month.

Friday, September 3
Pray for Dave and Barb (Asia Regional Team) as they continue with a 3-week course over Zoom with a group of 16 seminary students in a small Himalayan nation. Pray the class would be transformative for the students. Praise God with Tammy (Italy) for three young adults from their group who are being baptized! Tammy is coordinating the baptism event for their local church this month.

Saturday, September 4
Praise God
with Kyle and Nell (CAMENA) who are thankful to be back on the field after a good summer of connecting with most of their supporters as well as enjoying PEP and connecting with OC friends and coworkers. And join David and Debbie (SE Asia) in thanking the Lord as they were able to secure visas and flights and have just returned to the field.

Sunday, September 5
for the SEPAL Spain team (Global Alliance-Europe) as one family is healing from COVID-19. Pray also for the team as they rethink and plan ministries for the next year and particularly for their business as mission, as they navigate many government rules.

Monday, September 6
with David and Debbie (SE Asia) for favor with the government authorities regarding reentry to their field. There are a couple of different departments that need to grant permission and a local board member needs favor as they work on securing permission.

Tuesday, September 7
with Josh (Lifeworkx) for the Lord’s direction and wisdom for Lifeworkx. May God guide in this time when most of the Lifeworkx staff are away from the office.

Wednesday, September 8
with Warren and Dan (Global Research Team) as they have begun research support to mission mobilization alongside David (SE Asia) and Kairos leadership in a particular nation in SE Asia. Pray for the right formatting of ethnography training.

Thursday, September 9
with Marc and Teresa (Brazil) as they adjust to their new (for Marc) surroundings and as Marc grows in his Portuguese abilities and considers requests for national-level research projects. Pray as Teresa completes a master’s in Missiology.

Friday, September 10
Praise the Lord! Joel and Irena (Ukraine)
are making the final push to open the new flower shop. Ask God to give them good health both physically and financially in this time of stress and busyness. Pray for a very successful flower shop in all regards.

Saturday, September 11
with Philippe (Global Ministries) for the nation of Lebanon. It continues to face many hardships including significant economic difficulties. Pray for son, Danny, as he and his fiancé are working for her to come to the US for their wedding. And pray for Philippe as he’s been having some health difficulties.

Sunday, September 12
Praise God
with Dave (SE Asia) as one pastor doing Outreach Bible Study Group Chat has seen 438 new believers in ongoing groups. Another has seen more than 1500 in ongoing groups, and these are just two of many pastors involved!

Monday, September 13
Praise God
with Dean (US-MC) who is thankful for he had the opportunity to be a keynote speaker in a recent webinar. 44 leaders from 4 countries participated in the Nigeria based webinar which, as an outreach component, crossed religious boundaries.

Tuesday, September 14
Continue to pray for the nation of Afghanistan as the government has fallen. Pray for God’s hand of protection for believers and for grace and mercy for the people of this nation. Pray for those who have fled the country as well and for the ministry of helping them as they relocate.

Wednesday, September 15        
Pray with Bobby and Hope (CAMENA) as they finish out the fall here in the US and transition to a new location in the UK at the beginning of 2022. Pray for financial needs, visa needs, and for open doors for the transition.

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Take Heart From Pastor Gill

Take Heart from Pastor Gill

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