Daily prayer for mission workers on the field is critical. They feel the prayers of their partners carrying them. Your prayers help further the Kingdom of God around the world because they strengthen, encourage, protect, and carry those who are away from home and family. In times of great spiritual harvest and in times of spiritual drought, the prayers of partners and supporters keep the workers on the field, fulfilling God’s work. Know that your prayers matter -- everyday. In this OC Prayer Guide booklet, we have highlighted some of the ways you can pray for different teams and places in the world. We trust you will be deeply blessed as you bring these requests to the Father.

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Daily Prayer for Mission Workers

Friday, March 1
Mihai and Tammy (Italy) are thankful for the new friends they have made and for feedback from locals on how much progress they have made in language and culture in the short time they have been in country. Pray for them as they continue to transition, finalize residency paperwork, and connect with local leaders to discover ministry opportunities.

Saturday, March 2
D and G (Asia) ask for favor as the 5-year contract with the city orphanage ends during 2019 and the hope is that via their new non-profit, they’ll be able to continue program oversight. Ask that the trained care-givers will be able to continue working and that the children’s care will not deteriorate.

Sunday, March 3
Give thanks with Sarah (Africa) for God’s hand of protection and his fruitfulness when her car broke down on a ministry trip. She had to walk the last three kilometers on remote roads to reach the ministry site where she taught on our identity in Christ and the true nature of God the Father.

Monday, March 4
B and L (Asia) are thanking God for a potential new sponsor and visa. Please pray that it gets finalized soon.

Tuesday, March 5
Sarah (Europe) has restarted an English group in her city. The group is enthusiastic, and most are not yet believers. Pray for opportunity to minister and bring the gospel. Pray also for wisdom as Sarah gives part of her time to the Global Research Team.

Wednesday, March 6
C and T (Asia) will be having a new addition to their family in the coming month. Please pray for a safe and healthy delivery for a baby girl and for their transition to parenthood.

Thursday, March 7
Praise God with Bob and Aimee (Near Frontiers) for the ministry in seven US cities that have Near Frontiers personnel. Please lift them all up as they share the Love of Jesus with people who have come from countries all over the world – many from unreached peoples.

Friday, March 8
Please pray for Kory and Laura (Europe/NAME) for follow up to the Refugee Highway Partnership meetings in Sarajevo. Around 200 people from 40 different countries came together to make connections, share resources/ideas, etc.

Saturday, March 9
Rejoice with Ken and Diane (Brazil) who are encouraged that, while preaching at a church in Spain, eight young people came forward to confirm they would go as missionaries and 16 came forward (including the pastor) to affirm that they would train and support those going.

Sunday, March 10
Pray for Keith and Kathy (US-MC), and Karl and Jenny (Africa), each who are grieving the recent loss of a parent yet celebrating lives well lived and their entry into His presence.

Monday, March 11
Pray for Larry and Stephanie (England) who need prayer for Larry as he recovers, strength for Stephanie, and wisdom regarding the impact of Larry’s health challenges on future ministry engagements.

Tuesday, March 12
Pray for Lynn (Germany) and for the church leadership where he is temporarily serving as pastor. Two of the three on this leadership team are exhausted and wanting desperately to step down. Pray for the church as they consider options for church leadership models and to be able to find willing and qualified candidates to take this responsibility.

Wednesday, March 13
Jeff and Marilee (Sepal USA) began a ministry to Guatemala this week. Pray for them as they come alongside the OC team and co-workers bringing encouragement and membercare.

Thursday, March 14
Pray for our OC Board meetings beginning today through Saturday. Due to a severe snow storm in Colorado Springs, some OC Board members will not make it and will be attending virtually. Pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in these meetings.

Friday, March 15
Pray for Shinwook and Annie (Asia) as they prepare to transition back to the US after nearly 20 years. Pray for all the closure, goodbyes, and preparation coming in the next few months.

Saturday, March 16
Thank God with Ron and Mikel Ann (Global Ministries) for a fruitful month-long ministry trip in five towns touching 850 leaders in Southeast Asia.

Sunday, March 17
Pray for Russ and Etta (US-MC) as they transition. They will be moving to Colorado Springs this month where Etta will begin her position as Director of Prefield Ministries. Russ continues to assist the Philippines field team.

Monday, March 18
Give thanks to God with John and Heather (Africa) for John’s recent trip into Zimbabwe. He was able to meet with many ministry partners and to do some training designed for poverty relief. Pray for Zimbabwe as it remains tense. Pray too for John and Heather’s family as their home neighborhood continues to suffer lots of crime, including car-jackings.

Tuesday, March 19
Daniel and Sandy (SA) are praising God for the 10 countries to fit into six slots for basketball teams. Pray for coaches, refs, players, and teams to join!

Wednesday, March 20
Praise God with Jeff and Robin (Asia) for how He has used disc (Frisbee) sports for outreach and ministry in the church! Pray for growth in this and for needed financial support.

Thursday, March 21
Pray for Dave (International Ministry Team) as he trains ministry leaders and mentors in Pastoring of Pastors this week in Ecuador and Peru.

Friday, March 22
Today is the Global Church Planting Network (GCPN) day of Prayer and Fasting. Murray invites you to join in, and let’s pray for this prayer event!

Saturday, March 23
Praise God with F and K (NAME) for the many ministry opportunities to minister. Pray for them regarding next steps after their initial language learning.

Sunday, March 24
Steve (Mexico) is chairing the Mexican board of Urban Mosaic and recently led a 10-year strategic planning meeting. Give thanks for this opportunity and pray for wisdom and health for Steve and Jan!

Monday, March 25
Dave and Barb (Asia) will be teaching Advanced Hermeneutics and Bible Study Methods in an Island country off the southern tip of India. Pray for them as they touch the lives of leaders and equip them for ministry in this largely Buddhist nation.

Tuesday, March 26
Praise God with Debbie (Singapore) for a successful Julia’s Hope inaugural training in a southeast Asia nation. Two more are planned for this year. Pray that the 11 women being equipped will be strengthened and will use their leadership influence to build up other women.

Wednesday, March 27
Pray with Ric and Frieda (Latin America) for the starting of 100 “Non-Real Estate Centric Churches” by 2020 in Cuba. Ric did initial training in January and was there again last week for a 3-day workshop.

Thursday, March 28
Praise God with B and H (NAME) for bringing together sports projects in the countries where they are working. Pray for favor on a couple of other proposals that have been submitted.

Friday, March 29
Pray for several new families that are considering joining current OC teams in Asia as well as new locations in Asia. Pray for Rich as he travels to be with various teams.

Saturday, March 30
Pray for Joel and Irena (Europe) to know how to allocate limited time resources. Ask God to help them in finding the right balance between ministry, family, and business.

Sunday, March 31
Praise God with Tim and Annette (IMT) for the 4.8 million views of their youth ministry videos! This is a 95% increase from the previous year and subscribers have more than doubled.

Monday, April 1
Pray with Steve and Renee (Europe) for churches in the UK to rekindle missionary-sending priority. Young people are wanting to move toward career service but often find little support from churches.

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