In times of great spiritual harvest and in times of spiritual drought, the prayers of partners and supporters keep the workers on the field, fulfilling God’s work. Know that your prayers matter — everyday.

In this OC Prayer Guide booklet, we have highlighted some of the ways you can pray for different teams and places in the world. We trust you will be deeply blessed as you bring these requests to the Father.

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Daily Prayer Points

Friday, October 1
Praise God
with Alex (Taiwan) that the registration process for our nationwide sports ministry association is progressing. Twelve have submitted their applications so far, and several others have said they would – 30 total are needed so please pray.

Saturday, October 2
Praise God
with Etta (US-MC) in thanking the Lord for bringing new appointee, Nathan, to OC. Nathan plans to serve at Black Forest Academy (Germany).

Sunday, October 3
Praise God
with Dave and Barb (Asia Regional Team) who have received government approval to re-enter their field of service at the end of their home assignment in November. This is a praise as approvals have been hard to come by.

Monday, October 4
Give thanks to God
with us for the longevity of our workers. Ken and Diane (Brazil) just celebrated their 45th anniversary of being in Brazil. Join them in praising God for all that he has done over the decades! Kory and Laura (Europe Area) celebrate 25 years on the field this month!  Rejoice with them for all that God has done on the two continents where they have served. He is faithful!

Tuesday, October 5
with us for God’s healing hand on Paul (COVID), Bob (surgery), Jay, and Alex (COVID). Please pray for health and strength for all of our workers and staff. Please pray also for some (Steve, Karen, Lynn) who have parents who have recently gone to be with the Lord

Wednesday, October 6
Thank God
with Jeff and Robin (Taiwan) who are thankful to have gotten through their quarantine after returning to their field and to now be back to their normal life routines and ministry.

Thursday, October 7
for Walt (International Ministry Team) as he continues to lead the One Challenge webinar for coaches. Pray for strength for him and for the group as they discuss and grow in various coaching skills.

Friday, October 8
for Dennis and Evangeline (Faith Academy, Philippines) as Dennis serves as the High School Chaplain and teaches New Testament Survey to 10th graders.

Saturday, October 9
Ask the Lord
to prepare the way for Josh (Lifeworkx) as he leaves for an extended time away for a training program in the UK. May God grant him smooth travels and may the training be fruitful.

Sunday, October 10
Please pray with Ric (SEPAL USA) for the believers in Cuba in the midst of unrest. There have been massive protests in the nation with people chanting, “Freedom,” that were met by a brutal government reaction. May God’s people minister amid this suffering and hopelessness.

Monday, October 11
Praise God! Jonathan (Faith Academy, Philippines)
has all his support and left for his field! Pray for a smooth transition to a new culture and new job.

Tuesday, October 12
Give thanks to God
for the fruitful AD meetings and Board Meetings this last month. Lots of good connection, fellowship, creative thinking, and decision making were a significant part of this time. Thank the Lord for all who served and were involved.

Wednesday, October 13
with John and Heather (New Mexico) who are thankful for the First Nations version of the NT published last month which is an indigenous translation for Native Americans.

Thursday, October 14
with Mihai (Europe) who reports that a family with whom he had been providing member care was martyred just weeks ago along with other members of the underground church in the nation with the recent large-scale evacuation. Please pray for the believers there who are living in grave danger.

Friday, October 15          
Pray with B Demo (S Asia) for open doors to return to his field soon. He is also thanking God for the opportunities to minister in his home state and in a neighboring state where he was able to help promote school education and evangelism.

Saturday, October 16
with B and L (SE Asia) for the wife of a man who has trusted in Jesus. The wife is from an unreached people group with no known believers. She has been healed of a long-term illness after praying to Jesus and is considering following Him in faith. Pray for this couple and for their two teenage sons to respond as well.

Sunday, October 17
for ten church planters in the Himalayas that have recently finished training and will launch into the harvest after a graduation ceremony on Friday. Ask the Lord to grant them the fruit of their labors.

Monday, October 18
Give praise to God
with the U.S. Mobilization Center that we have a renter for one of the suites in the US-MC office building. Please continue to pray for the other suite to be rented soon.

Tuesday, October 19
Praise the Lord with Dennis (Sexual Wellness Initiative) for great connections at Missio Nexus. He had some three dozen really significant conversations, and many more took brochures and business cards. May these lead to ministry opportunities and health and wholeness for many.

Wednesday, October 20
with Karl (Africa Area) for the development of a mobilization process to approve, fund and deploy Southern Africa workers. Ask God to make clear ways for sustainable support.

Thursday, October 21
Continue to lift up
many of our OC Global Alliance partners including those sent from SEPAL. Many continue to need additional financial support and provision. Ask the Lord to meet these needs

Friday, October 22
Pray with Mark and Chantelle (Lifeworkx) as they build a team of financial and prayer partners to allow them to serve full-time. Ask the Lord to open doors to full-time ministry in early 2022.

Saturday, October 23
Pray with Mihai and Tammy (Italy) as they have been asked to revitalize the almost non-existent young-adult group at their church in Genova. They’ve organized outings, dinners, barbecues, and more. Pray as they seek to grow faith, fellowship, and love, while preparing future leaders.

Sunday, October 24
Give thanks to God
with Tony and Tracy (Asia) for the ability to distribute food and supplies to the needy on their field, as well as the tangible lesson in gratitude preparing the food bags has given to them as a family.

Monday, October 25
with Marc and Teresa (Brazil) in the special time God gave to celebrate their Brazilian Wedding earlier this month since so many in Brazil could not attend their U.S. wedding last year.

Tuesday, October 26
Pray for Jay and Sarah (South Africa Regional Team) as they have recently begun their home assignment time. Pray that each connection and time with supporters would be rich and meaningful.

Wednesday, October 27 
Pray with Ted and Claudia (Europe) for Brazilian friends Samuel and Julia, who are assisting and translating for refugee families from a central Asian nation who are hoping to be received by Brazil. Pray for positive results from these interviews and a bright future for these refugees. May they experience Christ’s love through this help.

Thursday, October 28
with Debbie (SE Asia) as she explores with the Julia’s Hope team the potential of doing a virtual training for women in a nearby southeast Asian nation. Ask the Lord to open the way.

Friday, October 29
with Emil and Sarah (Europe) as they launch their second virtual Perspectives course which will run from Oct 15, 2021 to Feb 12, 2022.  Pray for the team, the students, the tutors, and the graders of this 15- week course, and for much fruit.

Saturday, October 30
with Vincent (Global Alliance – Asia) that he would be able to transition to the field soon as Japan is lifting pandemic emergency restrictions.

Sunday, October 31
Praise God
with Warren and Alisa (SE Asia) as they have just flown back to their field. May God grant problem-free entry into the nation and grace through the quarantine after arrival. Thank God with Joel and Sue (S Asia) that they can return to their field. Pray for a good transition.

Prayer Focus: OC Guiding Principles: Fruitfulness & Collaboration

Our identity and purpose as an agency is summarized in our vision, mission and strategy statements. Our organizational culture is captured in our guiding principles. This is the essence of One Challenge, and it is finding expression in countries around the globe.

One passion, one vision, ONE CHALLENGE! The last two principles that we will review are fruitfulness and collaboration.

guiding principles

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Take Heart From Pastor Gill

Take Heart from Pastor Gill

One Challenge is blessed to have mission pastor Gill, and his wife Karen, at OC International for over 20 years. They have served as OC workers in Asia, and they are now based at the U.S. Mobilization Center in Colorado.

In 2020, Gill took on the role of mission pastor to encourage, pray, counsel, and walk alongside OC workers in their ministry journey together.

View an archive of short articles Pastor Gill has written.