Daily prayer for mission workers on the field is critical. They feel the prayers of their partners carrying them. Your prayers help further the Kingdom of God around the world because they strengthen, encourage, protect, and carry those who are away from home and family. In times of great spiritual harvest and in times of spiritual drought, the prayers of partners and supporters keep the workers on the field, fulfilling God’s work. Know that your prayers matter -- everyday. In this OC Prayer Guide booklet, we have highlighted some of the ways you can pray for different teams and places in the world. We trust you will be deeply blessed as you bring these requests to the Father.

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Daily Prayer for Mission Workers

Saturday, December 1
Praise to our Great Physician that Sandy, after over a year of cancer treatment, is experiencing major progress in healing. Pray for health for all our workers: for the Lord to renew Pam’s health.; for a clear medical diagnosis concerning Betsy’s recent health issue and for wisdom concerning future decisions regarding her medical care.

Sunday, December 2
Alex (USMC) ministers among refugee, Cousin women in the U.S. who often feel enslaved to their husbands and religion. Pray for her as she demonstrates practical love to many women who are lonely and far from home. May they be comforted by Christ’s love.

Monday, December 3
Pray for Dave as he travels this month to minister in a “Healthy Pastor’s Conference” with Otto R, the Pastoring to Pastors (POP) leader in Dominican Republic.

Tuesday, December 4
Cooper and Taylor (Asia) thank the Lord for His faithfulness as they continue with language study, as Cooper conducts OC research and Taylor teaches in a nearby school. They excitedly expect their first child in several months and request wisdom as they explore options for the delivery locale.

Wednesday, December 5
Russ and Etta (Philippines) praise the Lord that many of today’s millennials express interest in missions. Pray the Lord will use the new cohort of missionaries, with their own ideas, gifts and experiences, to reach the next generation. Ask Him to show OC the best role in mobilizing like-minded young people for Kingdom service.

Thursday, December 6
Eric and Kara (Black Forest Academy) request prayer for Kara’s ministry of helping new BFA students adjust to dorm and classroom life. Pray too for God’s grace and wisdom as they parent their own teenage daughters.

Friday, December 7
Dennis and Evangeline (Faith Academy-Philippines) are thankful for the opportunity to serve the Korean missionary families who send their children to Faith Academy. Pray for the vital ministry of the Jeong family as they minister to the “bamboo families”, the urban poor living in floating bamboo homes near Manila Bay, and for the Ark church plant among them.

Saturday, December 8
Tony and Tracy (Asia) are amazed at the many open doors God has given them this year to see people transformed by His grace and mobilized for mission. Tracy’s new gospel-centered curriculum, Unveiling Your Calling, has grown in the region and Tony continues to coach and mentor church planters. Praise God!

Sunday, December 9
Emil and Sarah (Spain) praise God for the work of llbET in Malaga since 1997, begun by OC and 19 other groups, with the vision of training Latin American workers serving among the least reached people groups. After supporting llbET’s work over the past four years, Emil is now helping in filming training courses to be posted on-line. Pray for Emil and the completion of the first course, focusing on discipleship and God’s plan for the nations.

Monday, December 10
Dan and Michelle (Asia) praise the Lord for the 200 decisions in September by local people to follow Jesus, and for the gospel outreach alongside home re-construction on an island, which recently suffered three major earthquakes, leaving 37,000 homes destroyed.

Tuesday, December 11
Bob (IMT) returned recently from a ministry trip to Mongolia and China, accompanied by a grandson. They praise God for a fruitful Men’s Conference where Bob spoke five times and where they heard many personal stories of God’s transformation power in lives and families. Pray for the 15 new churches planted in the past three years, for a new Christian camp in Mongolia, and for boldness for pastors and church leaders who face threats by local officials.

Wednesday, December 12
The daughter of long-term OC co-worker in Taiwan, Bea, died unexpectantly. Pray for the Lord’s comfort for the grieving family and OC team there.

Thursday, December 13
Rejoice with Tom and Maddy (Faith Academy) in the official government permission last week for Faith to receive a new educational status in the Philippines. Pray for the final details to be worked out and the law implemented to advance the ministry of Faith Academy to many students and their families.

Friday, December 14
Praise the Lord with T and M (Asia) for answered prayer for medical clinics in their city which focused on gospel outreach and served over a thousand people. Pray for the 250 new believers and the nearly 500 who requested follow-up visits for spiritual guidance. Remember the workers who seek to disciple them. Grow Your Body, Lord!

Saturday, December 15
Sara (Bulgaria) has just returned to her host country after many good family and supporter visits in the U.S. Pray for her and co-workers in a country which is threatening to limit freedom of religion through government restrictions on life and ministry. But this month the proposed law was “tabled” for now after much prayer and church protests. Pray that the Church would be the salt and light.

Sunday, December 16
Rejoice with Rich and Marla (Philippines) in Marla’s successful surgeries, as the Lord has shown Himself strong on their behalf.

Monday, December 17
Rejoice with Rahn and Stephanie (Asia) in the Asian ministry teams they have visited who have a clear vision of sending more church planters to unreached people groups in SE Asia. Pray for OC’s unique role in partnering, promoting, and providing support for cross-cultural gospel workers.

Tuesday, December 18
Give thanks to the Lord with Bill and Laurie (OC associates) for their continued mentoring ministry with new Brazilian missionaries with SEPAL, serving in seven countries. Pray too for their connection with SEPAL USA, especially with the Prado family.

Wednesday, December 19
Stan and Donna (US-MC/Malaga) were blessed by the Diaspora Peoples Europe conference, learning more about the Church’s opportunity to reach people from countries where evangelism is prohibited. Pray for the Malaga center for refugees where OC partners with other groups to offer Christ’s love and practical aid.

Thursday, December 20
Kelli (Faith Academy/US-MC Communications) thanks God for her trip to Taiwan to provide media support to the OC team there, creating videos of the various OC ministries. Pray for her as she co-coaches men’s varsity high school volleyball team, along with Tom. Ask the Lord to help the team players to grow in spiritual character as well as become a successful sports team.

Friday, December 21
Offer praise to God with K and L (Central Asia)! Two local Discovery Group teams in their city they helped launch this Fall are now reproducing other groups, free from any negative foreign association. Pray that many more of these Discovery Groups would be planted throughout the country as “people of peace” pursue the Living God.

Saturday, December 22
B and H (NAME) have started a Bible study with a neighborhood family who doesn’t know the Lord yet. Pray for the Spirit to touch their hearts and reveal the truth of Jesus. Pray too for B as he explores avenues to begin a local basketball academy in other regions.

Sunday, December 23
Heather (Black Forest Academy, Germany) is loving working with her girls group. They are now Juniors. She is excited to see how they will grow in their relationship with God this year. Pray for the girls with Heather.

Prayer Focus for December … Christmas Around the World (Nepal, Japan, Zimbabwe)

It is that time of year again! We are continuing our series on how Christmas is celebrated around the world.

Three OC workers share their observations and experiences from spending the Christmas season in Nepal, Japan, and Zimbabwe.

Do you wear special clothes at Christmas?

What does Colonel Sanders have to do with celebrating Christmas?

Who has a swimming party at Christmas?

OC Christmas 2018

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