Daily prayer for mission workers on the field is critical. They feel the prayers of their partners carrying them. Your prayers help further the Kingdom of God around the world because they strengthen, encourage, protect, and carry those who are away from home and family. In times of great spiritual harvest and in times of spiritual drought, the prayers of partners and supporters keep the workers on the field, fulfilling God’s work. Know that your prayers matter — everyday. In this OC Prayer Guide booklet, we have highlighted some of the ways you can pray for different teams and places in the world. We trust you will be deeply blessed as you bring these requests to the Father.

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Sunday, September 1
God that the wedding of D & S’s daughter (Asia) was an exciting, happy, blessed, God-honoring and satisfying day.

Monday, September 2
for D & D (Asia) as they travel to teach at the Myanmar Cross-Culture Training Centre. Pray that their presentations will be culturally relevant and that the students will be better prepared for their work for the Kingdom. 

Tuesday, September 3
(Bulgaria) praises the Lord that the recent flooding of their offices was discovered by her co-worker and for the recent dry weather to aid in the drying-out process. Pray for a safe solution to the electric in-floor heating concern.

Wednesday, September 4
God with Barbara (Brazil) for the “Women in Ministry” movement in Portugal, which now has eight groups meeting regularly. Barbara will attend a one-year celebration for that ministry in September.

Thursday, September 5
for Steve (USMC), who will be in Asia with Ph.D. students and teaching about “obedient nations” missiology. Pray for wisdom as they discuss obedience to Christ in their future roles as leaders of their nation and as they relate to the Church within their roles with the local political environment.

Friday, September 6
Continue to pray for the turbulent situation in Hong Kong. Church leaders released a statement calling for peaceful resolution and to establish dialogue. Pray that God will continue to use the Body of Christ as mediators and agents of grace, truth, and love.

Saturday, September 7
for the daughter of Daryl & Carolyn (International Ministry Team), who had her 1988 Toyota Camry stolen. She had had the car for 30 years and it was her only means of transport. Pray for God’s solution and providential provision.

Sunday, September 8
God with Deborah (Former USMC Receptionist), who reports that God has been good to her and her husband in their new context.  

Monday, September 9
God for the six new Church Planting Networks led by Thai believers (Asia). Pray that the recent training will result in increased levels of growth and much fruitfulness among the 543 new believers.

Tuesday, September 10
(USMC) asks for prayer for the attendees of the Transitions Orientation to be held Sept 3-6. Pray for the presenters, especially Doug as he leads the group through two days of focus on cultural intelligence. Pray that there would be mutual encouragement as they meet other appointees who are involved with fund-raising and preparation.

Wednesday, September 11
Larry & Stephanie
(Global Research Team) praise God for the anticipated two-week visit from their son, daughter-in-law, and 3 grandchildren. This is the first time in 8.5 years. 

Thursday, September 12
for A (Asia) as he works on recruiting a team from his country to join the Global Church Planting Network Conference in Mongolia, which will be held in September.

Friday, September 13
for John and Heather (Southern Africa Research Team), as John is on a ten-day trip to the north to give spiritual counsel and aid to pastors there. Pray for safety and wisdom. They are thankful that their sons have received their ID booklets and pray that Heather’s will arrive soon.

Saturday, September 14
(Mexico) gives thanks for calmness and clarity and the Trinity’s presence as she preached in her church recently.

Sunday, September 15
God that Gill (USMC), in preparation for becoming OC’s mission pastor, was ordained today at Winter Park Christian Church, one of his main supporting churches. Pray for God’s continued favor to rest on Gill and his wife, Karen.  

Monday, September 16
(USMC) requests prayer for the AD meetings which are taking place this week at the USMC.  May this be a time of rich interaction together and as they have joint meetings with the board.

Tuesday, September 17
(International Ministry Team) is leading a large pastor’s conference in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, this week. Pray for the Spirit’s anointing on this gathering, ministering to every pastor who attends.

Wednesday, September 18
Ted & Claudia
(Spain) thank the Lord that their month in France for an intensive French course was very productive.  Pray for continued fluency so they can communicate effectively in French-speaking countries.

Thursday, September 19
for the USMC Board Meetings taking place this week, 9/19–21.  May the mind of the Lord be known in all matters discussed and the fellowship together be mutually encouraging. 

Friday, September 20
with Dennis (USMC) that the ministry of the Sexual Wholeness Initiative will be expanded this week through a flyer included in the program at the Missio Nexus conference.

Saturday, September 21
(Faith Academy) praises God that once again the Lord provided for all staff needs as the new school year began.  Pray Tom will know the Lord’s strength and wisdom as he leads Faith Academy.

Sunday, September 22
with Joel (Ukraine) for 15 students in the Global Partners Missionary Training School for this school year.  Nine have been confirmed.  Pray the Lord will direct those of His choosing to join this training.

Monday, September 23
God that Ric (SEPAL/USA) had the opportunity this past summer to do Leadership Development training with six Kichua churches (from Andean countries) in New York City!  As a result, Ric has been asked to return for more training events.

Tuesday, September 24
As we come to the end of the 2018/19 fiscal year, we thank the Lord for His abundant provisions and pray for His supply of resources where still needed in individual and general fund accounts.  

Wednesday, September 25
for Sara (Bulgaria), who is putting data together for the country leader of the Free Baptists.  Pray she will get reliable information that really helps this group decide on their next church planting location.

Thursday, September 26
Thank God that Ron & Mikel Ann (USMC/Associates) returned from a fruitful four weeks of teaching in a seminary in one of our Asian countries. Pray these church leaders will continue to grow in their personal and ministry journeys.

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