OC Global Alliance Overview

What is the OC Global Alliance?

The OC Global Alliance is the voluntary association of mobilization centers for the purpose of sharing resources and experience to fulfill our common vision, mission, values and strategy. Each mobilization center functions independently, each having its own accountability (typically in the form of a national board), but the centers are linked through the unifying essentials and a commitment to partner with one another and share resources. Mutual trust, a common vision, a desire to partner together and a fundamental belief that the Holy Spirit can help multi-national mobilization centers work together is what has made the OC Global Alliance successful.

To help people conceptualize the OC Global Alliance, Josué Campañha and Craig Kraft designed the diagram below:

OC Global Alliance

The need and desire to form the Global Alliance came from the changing face of world missions. In today’s mission world, two thirds of the missions force comes from the countries of Asia, Africa, and Central and South America – commonly referred to as the Global South. OC’s personnel now reflects that number, as 70% of OC ministry staff hold passports other than that of the U.S.

How It All Began

The official formation of the OC Global Alliance came in 2010, but really multi-cultural, multi-ethnic teams were a part of OC’s strategy from the beginning. In one sense, OC has always been international, partnering alongside the worldwide body of Christ to fulfill the work of the Holy Spirit. As more and more OC fields in the Global South began to show the desire to send mission workers and minister to unreached people groups through OC’s vision, mission, strategy and values, OC leadership saw the need to internationalize. As early as 1977, Outreach Canada, which had ties to OC through personnel and vision, began to function completely independent of the OC office in the U.S. Throughout the years, OC fields in the Philippines, Singapore, and Brazil, to name a few, began to send mission workers to parts of the world where U.S.-based mission workers could not gain access.

As the internationalization process had already begun, OC made an attempt to link the established sending countries in the early 2000s, which proved unsuccessful. Finally, OC leadership came together in 2009 to redevelop a stronger internalization model. With the business savvy of Josué Campañha of Brazil, and the ability to synthesize the discussions of Craig Kraft, Canada, OC leadership formed the basis of the OC Global Alliance, which in the next year would select 10 mobilization centers (U.S., Canada, Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala, U.K., Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, and India) and officially come to fruition in 2010.

View of OC Global Alliance Today

2020 stats
OC Global Alliance

Overview Video

In this video, Greg Gripentrog gives an overview of the OC Global Alliance and explains how this alliance of mobilization centers is reaching the world for Christ.

Want to Know More?

To understand more of the Global Alliance, the model of development, how it is governed, what resources are shared, and more, please visit the OC Global Alliance website at www.ocglobalalliance.org.

You can read or download the overview brochure here: Global Alliance Overview brochure

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