Journey with TCKs


Here’s some articles about One Challenge’s journey with TCKs…


TCKs as “Hidden Immigrants”?

The teens mentioned above were suffering from a malady called “Hidden Immigrant,” a term coined by Dave Pollock and Ruth Van Reken, both TCKs themselves and speakers and authors on TCK issues. A “Hidden Immigrant” is a person (adult, child, or teen) who looks like everyone else on the outside but is more like the foreign host country on the inside.


Where is Home for a TCK?

This question puzzles most mission workers’ kids (MK) and third-culture kids (TCK). Their lives have been defined by going back and forth between fields of service and the birthplace of their parents.

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Upsides and Downsides – a TCK Profile

Looking at the varied life experiences of Third Culture Kids (TCKs), with their physical and developmental “journeys” throughout life, what might a profile of this distinctive and wonderful group include? Each person has “upsides” and “downsides” in life experiences that are unique.

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“Who Am I?”

MKs and TCKs often ask, “Who am I?” One MK* answered the question, “Who am I?” this way: “WHEN I WAS GROWING UP, adults always asked me what I was going to be…”

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“Hidden People Group”… TCKs

Did you know there is a “hidden people group” that is growing? The mission movement has mushroomed over the past 50 years… both U.S. mission workers and recently even more among non-western countries. Although this “hidden” group has been given increasing attention in recent years, many are still not aware of the needs of this group.