History: How OC Began

In this video, OC founder Dick Hillis (seen here with Billy Graham) narrates some of OC’s history starting in the early 1950’s. This Celebrating the Past video (part of OC’s 60th anniversary celebration) and The Story of OC historical book trace some of the roots of OC International in 1950s through the years…

In a well-preserved piece of history, read about the early days of the mission here: The Story of ORIENT Crusades.

Books about Dick Hillis

Steel in His Soul: The Dick Hillis Story

OC founder Dick Hillis is an adventurer. His is the story of a man who plunged with abandon into the will of God. It is the story of the ever-widening circles that have revolved around that dive into obedience. He has been entertained by presidents and ousted by regimes, sought after for his skills and threatened with death because of them. His story crosses continents and penetrates cultures. But it is not his story only, but also the story of Jesus Christ and His church in the twentieth century.

AW Tozer once wrote, “To have found God and still to pursue Him is the soul’s paradox of love.” In that sense the story of Dick Hillis is also a love story. His life is a record of his continual seeking after an ever deepening intimacy with God.

And I His Servant by Dick Hillis

Though acclaimed a missions statesman and a close friend of such evangelical luminaries as Navigator, founder Dawson Trotman, first Youth for Christ president Torrey Johnson, and evangelist Billy Graham, Dr. Dick Hillis wanted most to be known as “a very ordinary man living in extraordinary surroundings but faced with very ordinary problems.”

In compiling this selected anthology of his refreshing and powerful writings, it became increasingly clear that this was more than a catchy phrase, but a life faithfully lived. He wrote so little about himself but very much about God’s preeminence in his life, about God’s incredible care and provision in the most extreme situations, about his beloved Chinese workers, and about those he considered true heroes of the faith.

In fact, in Part III of this book the reader will find about the only two chapters in his writings that give a clue as to the nature and incredible extent of his eight-year ministry in the troubled and hazardous China of the 1930s and ’40s.

This video is part of OC’s 60th anniversary celebration. Set to instrumental music, this video maps out the year to year highlights of OC as the ministry spreads from country to country…

OC ministry workers (appointees and those in the field already) speak about their hopes for ministry to people around the world.

A slideshow of photos taken at the OC 60th anniversary celebration banquets in Colorado, Oregon, and California. These celebrations were, in many ways, like a family reunion—the OC family getting together to celebrate God’s continuous work of bringing the people of the world closer to Him. Thank you for being family to us. In partnership with you, we celebrate the past, embrace the present, envision the future and pray for unprecedented expansion of His Kingdom in the days ahead.