Short-term Missions

short term tripThese trips can last between one month and one year. Their purpose is to provide opportunities for intensive, proactive and cross-cultural experiences. Be immersed in the host culture as you journey alongside OC career mission workers. Participants should come with flexible and servant hearts. Be prepared to be changed!

Here are some recent stories from some short-termers:

Church short-term teams
The one overriding direction within OC is to serve the Church, anywhere and by any means. One of the major goals of most US churches is to involve their people in God's global heart through a variety of short-term mission projects and OC would like to help grow and mature that vision. We have a short-term ministry specialist within OC whose single focus is on assisting the US church in this effort. With experience in training, logistics, leading and debriefing, OC can meet the church team in its area of felt need and help realize the maximum possible benefits from each project. Email us if you are interested in finding out about a short-term trip for your church.

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