North Africa, Middle East, Central Asia


Brief Description of Team History

There is an unprecedented openness and thirst for the truth in this area like never before in North Africa, Middle East, Central Asia. The Lord continues to raise up laborers for the harvest from within these regions as well as sending his laborers from around the world. OC has the unique privilege of providing research, legal advocacy, IT support, pastoral care, mentoring, training, and coaching in order to resource these workers for effective and sustained ministry.


Region: North Africa, Middle East, Central Asia
Team locations: For security, not disclosed online
Region website: NA
Year the team’s region opened: 2003

Why Ministry Workers are Needed

Principle Religion: Muslim / Hindu
Percent Evangelical: ~4%

Primary Ministries in North Africa

+ Partnering and Bridge Building
+ Leadership Development
+ Holistic Ministry
+ B4T/Creative Access Ministries

Personnel Needs

One Challenge is an international mission sending agency empowering local church ministry in more than 100 countries around the world. When invited by local leaders, OC sends workers in a variety of key roles:
+ Church Planting & Growth
+ Leadership Development
+ Partnering & Bridge Building
+ Sports Ministries
+ Missions Mobilization
+ Research
+ Business for Transformation
+ Holistic Ministry
+ Education
+ Member Care

Prayer Requests

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Other Resources

Ministry Fields

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