Brief Description of Team History

In 2002, the One Challenge UK (OC UK) mission board was encouraged by Greg Gripentrog and Ron Pritz to expand its vision to sending out mission workers and ministering to British churches, as well as being the regional office for OC in Europe and surrounding regions. Since then, OC UK has accepted and sent out three couples, two to Spain and one to Austria. Today, One Challenge (OC International UK) is an autonomous member of the OC Global Alliance.


Region: OC Europe
Team locations: Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Spain, UK, Ukraine
Year the team’s region opened: 1967

Why Ministry Workers are Needed

Principle Religion: Christian
Percent Evangelical: 2.5%
For example, Romania is a secular state, and it has no state religion. Their principle religion is 81.04% Eastern Orthodox, 5.4 percent evangelical Christians.
In the UK, the principle religion is Christian, but the percent evangelical: 8%. From Operation World: “Evangelical Christianity is no longer growing. Without immigration of evangelicals (from Africa in particular), decline would be pronounced. The prominent challenges are:
To maintain and increase unity in fellowship and vision. The Evangelical Alliance does much to encourage this and gives credibility to evangelicals in national life.
The widespread loss of confidence and certainty in the veracity of the gospel, in the uniqueness of Jesus and in models for church life and outreach. These are simultaneous with increasingly assertive and confident atheism and Islam.
Cynicism about the Church’s future and lack of spiritual ambition cripple enthusiasm for missions locally and overseas.”

Primary Ministries

+ Member Care
+ Education: Bucharest Christian Academy and Black Forest Academy need teachers, administrators, and other school personnel!
+ Missions Mobilization
+ Leadership Development
+ Church Planting
+ Youth Ministry


+ Europe Ministry
+ One Challenge (OC International UK) website

Personnel Needs

One Challenge is an international mission sending agency empowering local church ministry in more than 100 countries around the world. When invited by local leaders, OC sends workers in a variety of key roles:
+ Church Planting & Growth
+ Leadership Development
+ Partnering & Bridge Building
+ Sports Ministries
+ Missions Mobilization
+ Research
+ Business for Transformation
+ Holistic Ministry
+ Education
+ Member Care

Prayer Requests

See Prayer Page

  • Pray for the Mission-Net congress to help young people on the team form a strategic plan to join God at work in the great revival that we believe is coming to Europe.
  • Pray for restoration of vision and faith in God’s ability to change Britain once again.
  • Pray for the OC UK team as they mentor young adults, including accompanying them to special conferences such as Mission-Net.
  • Pray the OC Global Research team that is based in England with remote members around the world.


Ministry Fields

OC International’s US-MC has teams in these regions of the world…