Annual Report

You can see a summary of the Lord’s blessing on OC’s ministry and finances in our OC Annual Report.

We have a new annual report by One Challenge and the OC Global Research Team. This reports on the OC Global Alliance (OC-GA), made of 15 autonomous mission sending centers that voluntarily work together to share resources and experience to fulfill common vision, mission, values, and strategy.

2022 Annual Report


God is on the move and invites us to join in what he’s doing. He’s moving in more creative ways, sharing his love in more languages, and displaying his majesty in more cultures than ever before.

Momentum is building. We’re seeing collaboration unleash new ministry initiatives and accelerate progress across the global body of Christ. Mission is surging from Asia, Africa, and Latin America and is reflected in the impact of the OC Global Alliance. It’s gaining force with the increasing flow of migrants who now live in close contact with Christ-followers.

Movements are multiplying. Disciple-making movements are flowing across barriers from one unreached group to another. As movements reproduce movements, Jesus is being made known in places long hidden from the gospel.

Momentum matters! Missions is about seeing God at work and moving with him. It’s being drawn into the forward motion of his love toward lost individuals and broken communities.

This 2022 annual report points to God’s momentum through the OC Global Alliance and celebrates the impact of your teamwork with us. Let’s keep moving together!

annual report
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Video Annual Report – Ministry in 2021

2021 Annual Report


For One Challenge, our broken world is a call to bold love. Love cares. It dares. And it moves with God to people and places never imagined. We serve, equip, and connect influencers for growth among least-reached peoples. Bold love multiplies disciples and can mobilize movements.

In SE Asia, OC has helped local leaders stimulate movements impacting hundreds of thousands. Mentored by an OC movement catalyst, “Jimmy” (a local catalyst) dared to invest in “Darus,” a young drugrunner who’d landed in jail. Upon release, the ex-con returned to the drug boats, only this time he shared Jesus.

One by one, his 25 dealer friends came to faith and began carrying the gospel on their former drug routes. At last report, Darus’ life transformation has resulted in over 2,000 new believers clustered in 5 unreached people groups on 11 islands in 2 nations. Our team continues to assist leaders toward exponential growth.

This OC Global Alliance ministry annual report points to God’s bold love expressed as you partner with One Challenge. Join us in celebrating how God is on the move!

OC annual report
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Video Annual Report – Ministry in 2020

2020 Annual Report

The OC Global Alliance – Embracing the Challenge

Jesus didn’t say the Great Commission would be easy. Making disciples of all nations is a challenge like none other. God invites us to join him – through pandemics, lockdowns, and social disruption – to bring biblical hope to people in every community and culture.

Challenge invites change. In 2010, One Challenge courageously decentralized into the OC Global Alliance, a network of 14 national mobilization centers. Innovation was unleashed and fruitfulness surged.

This OC Annual Report represents the collaborative ministry of the OC-GA. Each one points to disciples, leaders, and groups you are helping to thrive and multiply. Thank you for joining us in the challenge through prayer!

OC Global Alliance
OC Global Alliance

Video Annual Report – Ministry in 2019

2019 Annual Report

Moving Forward Together

God is on the move in our world today! As you and I follow him forward together, we’re seeing him work in ways that point to his greatness. The good news of Jesus is going where it’s never gone before … changing lives in ways not seen before … inspiring global teamwork, transforming communities, and influencing nations.

As you partner with One Challenge, you are part of a larger community – the OC Global Alliance – involving 14 mobilization centers impacting 124 countries. The numbers in this report represent the collaborative ministry of the OC-GA. Each one points to precious disciples, leaders, and groups
you are helping to thrive and multiply. As you join God in touching their lives, they collectively go on to impact millions.

This brochure includes information about the OC Global Alliance impact around the world in 2019 as well as the financial information from the One Challenge U.S. Mobilization Center.

Annual Report
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