Annual Report

You can see a summary of the Lord’s blessing on OC’s ministry and finances in our OC Annual Report.

We have a new annual report by One Challenge and the OC Global Research Team. This reports on the OC Global Alliance (OC-GA), made of 14 autonomous mission sending centers that voluntarily work together to share resources and experience to fulfill common vision, mission, values, and strategy.

Moving Forward Together

God is on the move in our world today! As you and I follow him forward together, we’re seeing him work in ways that point to his greatness. The good news of Jesus is going where it’s never gone before … changing lives in ways not seen before … inspiring global teamwork, transforming communities, and influencing nations.

As you partner with One Challenge, you are part of a larger community – the OC Global Alliance – involving 14 mobilization centers impacting 124 countries. The numbers in this report represent the collaborative ministry of the OC-GA. Each one points to precious disciples, leaders, and groups
you are helping to thrive and multiply. As you join God in touching their lives, they collectively go on to impact millions.

This brochure includes information about the OC Global Alliance impact around the world in 2019 as well as the financial information from the One Challenge U.S. Mobilization Center.

Annual Report
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