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OC Video Archive

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The One Challenge: Transforming Nations … Together

Today’s Take video #15 … Rags and Armpits

Cultivating Hearts and Minds for Christ at Faith Academy

Today’s Take video #14 … What Was I Thinking?

God’s Open Doors in Cote D’ivoire

Today’s Take video #13 … Bows and Arrows

Lifeworkx: Discover Your Journey

Today’s Take video #12 … Pinwheels

Kids Are Sent Too

Today’s Take video #11 … I Need a Bigger Closet

Shouts of Joy 2016 - Mongolia

Today’s Take video #10 … Good Medicine

Today’s Take video #9 … I Need the Details

Our Story … in One Minute+

Today’s Take video #8 … Free Refills

Today’s Take video #7 - Hide and Seek

Radooga … Making a Difference in Ukraine

Today’s Take video #6 - Oh No! Another Gray Hair

Transforming Lives through Lifeworkx in the Dominican Republic

Today’s Take #5 - FEAR … So What?

Today’s Take #4 - Deborah, Serving Well

Today’s Take #3 - Interruptions

Today’s Take #2 - What's Your Price?

Today’s Take #1 - A Hole in the Fence

The One Challenge: Transforming Nations... Together

God's Work - Basketball in Uganda

Discipleship of Young Adults in the U.K.

Happy New Year from One Challenge

Reflections on 2016 … US-MC Christmas

Merry Christmas from S Africa MKs

Leadership Coaching in Southern Africa

Dan and Jean’s Calling in Cambodia

Malaga SOL (Step Outside the Lines)

Lifeworkx in Korea

One Challenge Training: CORE 2016

Lifeworkx in Uganda

Highlights from OC Alumni Reunion 2016

Global Church Planting Network Overview

Story of the M.A.M.A. Center in Romania

Transform the Darkness, Turn on the Light

Who is Philippine Challenge?

Walking to Work at Phillipine Challenge

Serving Refugees in Serbia

Hand-cut cards community in Asia

Christmas in Brazil

Serving Member Care Workers in Asia

Changing Communities Through Sports

Reaching the Unreached – Migrant Workers

OC’s Gibson Family Serving at Black Forest Academy

When Ministry Looks Like a Classroom

Summer: A Season for Equipping and Encouraging

Meet the OC International Ministries Team

Dealing with Trauma in Nepal Earthquake

Meeting Needs in Nepal

God’s Love in Action in Nepal

Nepal Earthquake …on the scene

One Challenge President’s Installation Service

Christmas Around the World: Romania

Mobilization Minute – Spain

This is BCA

A Presidential Profile: Dean Carlson

Mobilization Minute No.1

PEP = Renewal

Mobilizing Mongolia

IT: Keeping OC Up and Running

Engaging Europe’s Emerging Generation

Walking Alongside Leaders in Africa

Three-Rope Bridge Story

Unity in the Austrian Church

Reconciliation in Austria

Mercy House of Prayer: Vienna

Mobilizing Youth Ministry in Spain

Sports Ambassadors: History and Vision

Romania: A New Church, A New Vision

PC: Community Typhoon Response

Future at Bucharest Christian Academy

One Minute Introduction to OC

Introduction to OC

Africa: What Lies Ahead in Church Partnerships

Philippine Challenge Typhoon Relief

6-Year Dream Becomes Reality

Sports Ambassadors: Basketball in India

Motorcycle Morning with CMA in England

OC MKs Answer FAQs

Mongolia Research Project

Serving with OC in Asia, Dave and Debbie

Working together with Back 2 Europe

Embracing the Present

“Faith Promise” Giving

Sports Ambassadors: Volleyball in India

Sports Ambassadors: Women’s Basketball in Guatemala

Sports Ambassadors: Men’s Basketball in Philippines

Sports Ambassadors: Men’s Basketball in Guatemala

The OC Global Alliance

From the Past to the Present

Celebrating the Past

OC’s 60th banquet slideshow

Envisioning the Future

Overview of Ministries, OC USA

Spreading the Good News through Technology

Training Churches in Madagascar

Working with Leaders in Africa

MemberCare, Keeping Families Healthy

Training Church Leaders in Nepal