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2018 Board with spouses
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A Personal Report from Chairman of the OC Board, Michele Wilson

OC Board

“People need to think of non-profit board seats as a deep responsibility and a job that requires due care and attention.” (Forbes magazine, 6/2011)

At One Challenge we feel deeply privileged to have godly men and women who think that way.

Chairman Michele Wilson gave us this heartfelt report of their March 16-18 meeting in Colorado Springs.

"Since this was my first board meeting as chairman, I want to give you a glimpse of how God blessed us..., says Michele"

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MK Joins OC Board and Other Board News

OC MissionOne Challenge is privileged to have gifted men and women serve on the U.S. OC Board of Directors. Not only do these people put the Lord first in their own lives, but they also seek the Holy Spirit’s wisdom in how they should guide One Challenge. Most are leaders in their fields of work, whether that is business, law, finance, missions, or any other area.

Dale Keyes, who was elected in September, is the first One Challenge mission kid (MK) to serve on the OC Board. He grew up in Brazil with his parents Bill and Laurie and his siblings. Being an MK does bring a new perspective to the group.

“Hopefully it allows me to be sensitive to issues of a family on the field, sensitive to being a MK, and transitioning back to the U.S.,” he says. Dale’s multi-national background and cultural adaptability is fruitfully applied in his profession which involves extensive overseas work...

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Current OC Board of Directors

The One Challenge Board of Directors meets periodically to discuss the global ministry of the OC U.S. Mobilization Center, headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Dean Carlson
Dr. Dean Carlson
OC International
Colorado Springs, CO

OC Board of Directors Thayer Allison
Mr. Thayer Allison
Senior Data Scientist/SVP
Bank of America
Charlotte, NC

OC Board of Directors Heidi Baker
Mrs. Heidi Baker
Senior Project Manager
Compassion International
Colorado Springs, CO

OC Board Decio de Carvalho
Mr. Decio de Carvalho
Executive Director
COMIBAM International
San Juan, Puerto Rico

OC Board of Directors Dawn Grove
Mrs. Dawn Grove
Corporate Counsel
Karsten Manufacturing Corp.
Phoenix, AZ

OC Board of Directors Jon Hirst
Mr. Jon Hirst
Global Mapping, Inc.
Colorado Springs, CO

Dale Keyes
Mr. Dale Keyes
Business Development

Dr. Murray Moerman
National Church Planting Strategies, Trainer
Outreach Canada
British Columbia, Canada

OC Board Mishal Montgomery
Mrs. Mishal Montgomery
Chief of Staff
Mayor of Anaheim Office
Anaheim, CA

OC Board Howard Morrison
Mr. Howard Morrison
Morrison Ranch
Gilbert, AZ

OC Board Sharon Reed
Mrs. Sharon Reed
Sr. VP Insurance Operation
Penn Treaty Network America Insurance
Allentown, PA

OC Board Keith Sparzak
Mr. Keith Sparzak
International Director
Community Bible Study
Colorado Springs, CO

OC Board Robb Warwick
Mr. Robb Warwick
Operating Partner, COO and CFO
Marlin Equity Partners
Hermosa Beach, CA

OC Board Michele Wilson
Mrs. Michele Wilson
Director, Human Resources
Hosanna/Faith Comes By Hearing
Albuquerque, NM

Emeritus Board Members

bobmalouf90pxMr. Bob Malouf

floydwilkerson90pxMr. Floyd Wilkerson

billlawrence90pxDr. Bill Lawrence