About One Challenge

We're so glad you chose to learn more about One Challenge (also known as OC International) today. Feel free to watch some videos and browse the website. Let us know if you have any questions. We'd love to hear from you. You can see a summary of the Lord’s blessing on OC’s ministry and finances in our OC Annual Report, View/Download Here. For a printable copy, Download Here.

One Challenge is an inter-denominational, international, Christian faith mission sending agency. OC empowers local church ministry in more than 100 countries around the world. We believe that whole nations can be reached for Christ. With more than 500 mission workers, OC is involved in Missions Mobilization, Church Planting & Growth, Education, Holistic Ministry, Leadership Development, Member Care, Partnering & Bridge Building, Research, Sports Ministries, as well as Business for Transformation.

Introduction to OC

This video gives an introduction to OC ministries. The transformation of nations is a task best done together. One Challenge strives to serve, equip, and connect the global body of Christ with a message of biblical hope. In this video, discover some ways OC does this in Africa and the rest of the world...

View the video, Our Story ... in One Minute here.

History: How OC Began

In this video, OC founder Dick Hillis (seen here with Billy Graham) narrates some of OC's history starting in the early 1950's.

OC Global Alliance Overview

In this video, Greg Gripentrog gives an overview of the OC Global Alliance and explains how this alliance of mobilization centers is reaching the world for Christ.

The OC Global Alliance is the voluntary association of mobilization centers for the purpose of sharing resources and experience to fulfill a common mission, vision, values, and strategy. The OC Global Alliance is currently made up of these mobilization centers: Brasil, Canada, Colombia, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Read this article for more detailed information:
What is the OC Global Alliance?

You can read or download the overview brochure here:
Global Alliance Overview brochure

What is the One Challenge

One Challenge Ministry Guiding Principles

Our identity and purpose as an agency is summarized in our vision, mission and strategy statements. Our organizational culture is captured in our guiding principles. This is the essence of One Challenge and it is finding expression in 120 countries around the globe.

One passion, one vision, ONE CHALLENGE!


• Servanthood • Partnership • Team
• Freedom to Innovate • Multiplication • Family


OC Vision, Mission, Strategy, Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles: Character and Community

Guiding Principles: Creativity and Learning

Guiding Principles: Collaboration and Fruitfulness