Daily prayer for mission workers on the field is critical. They feel the prayers of their partners carrying them. Your prayers help further the Kingdom of God around the world because they strengthen, encourage, protect, and carry those who are away from home and family. In times of great spiritual harvest and in times of spiritual drought, the prayers of partners and supporters keep the workers on the field, fulfilling God’s work. Know that your prayers matter -- everyday.

In this OC Prayer Guide booklet, we have highlighted some of the ways you can pray for different teams and places in the world. We trust you will be deeply blessed as you bring these requests to the Father.

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Daily Prayer Points

September 1

Give thanks with Warren (Global Research Team, Asia Regional Team) as he was able to draft a new version of a MANI country research guide based on Larry and Stephanie’s (GRT) 'Spying Out the Land' book.

September 2

Lift up Karen (Near Frontiers) as she is finishing up a 10-day trip– the primary purpose of which is consulting with the new school board at a school with 600 students. Pray for the desired outcomes of the consulting to have long-lasting impact.

September 3

Pray for the conference planning team led by Ron (OC Associate), for seamless coordination, effective communication and joy along the journey as planning steps intensify.

September 4

Pray with Chris (Global Research Team) that the conference in September would really accelerate their work. Join the whole GRT as the planning group is facing a number of challenges. Pray for protection from spiritual attacks and for the Lord to realize all His objectives for this gathering.

September 5

Rejoice with Tim and Kristin (Asia) that they were able to renew their visa (after being denied) and are back in country once again. Thank the Lord for his provision!

September 6

Pray for overall preparations in the midst of normal busy ministry and work, including the September Board meetings. 

September 7

Praise God with Scott and Maggie (Near Frontiers) as they will have their first in-person Kairos course since the pandemic began. It will begin September 8th. Pray for many to sign up!

September 8

Join Bob and Liz (Asia) in praying for a network of workers that will be thirsty for closeness with the Lord and thirsty to be more effective in outreach and pleasing the Lord.

September 9

Give thanks with Ring (Asia) for the opportunity she had to preach at a church. The believers there now have a great zeal for Jesus.

September 10

Pray with Phuveyi (Asia) for training with 105 candidates. One area of immediate need is a secured hostel for 50 female students.

September 11

Pray with Sara (Bulgaria) for the resolutions of some tension in the marketplace where her team sells produce. Give thanks for better-than-expected produce sales/income! Pray for Sara’s closest "neighbors" at the market.

September 12

Gill (US-MC) requests prayer for a church planting partner KP in the Asia, who is having kidney and other health issues, especially as KP works in a difficult and remote location.

September 13

Pray for the formation of dedicated prayer teams for the full conference process and for the 40-day prayer focus to be significant for everyone across the broader organization.

September 14

Pray with Dave and Barb (Asia Research Team) as Dave teaches Bible Study Methods to first year seminary students. Pray that they would understand the concepts and that their lives and work would be “soaked” in God’s word.

September 15

Rejoice with Lynn (Near Frontiers) as 1,000 kids attended baseball camps this summer, many of whom were confronted with the truth of God's great love for them and their need for salvation in Christ for the first time. Pray for the follow-up!

September 16

Rejoice with Craig (Outreach Canada) as he reviews and prays for a list of fifteen individuals who are at different points of engagement with their team – from just gathering information to having submitted applications; from support roles to chaplaincy to serving overseas!

September 17

Praise God with the Global Research Team as He continues to bring unique global research initiatives together in the GRT/WEA (World Evangelical Alliance) research project proposal/partnership.

September 18

Rahn and Stephanie (Diaspora) are thanking God for the wonderful member care and debriefing retreat that Craig and Julie (Global Care Team) led for the OC HK couple, Jeff and Esther, who are serving in Guatemala.

September 19

Gill (US-MC) requests prayer as the Half Day of Prayer is coming up on September 26th. Pray for the preparations and participants and for a good day of coming together organizationally in prayer.

September 20

Pray for DJ and Sandra (CAMENA) as DJ just returned to the field after a short home assignment. Sandra will follow with the children next month. Pray as they adjust back and re-engage in work.

September 21

Pray for the Comms Team members, as their conference-related efforts and deadlines are happening in these weeks – for creativity, stamina and for being ‘on the same page’ with the conference planning team.

September 22

Pray with Warren and April (Diaspora) in praying for all who are experiencing the life of diaspora whether refugees from a war-torn country or simply those living in a new spiritual, political, social, economic, or family diaspora.

September 23

Rejoice with Joel and Irena (Europe) as many churches have shared great testimonies of how delivering aid has helped develop relationships and bring people to Christ in the midst of all the hardship and difficulty there.

September 24

Pray that Board members who are able to participate in the Leadership Conference will be informed and inspired by their interaction with global leaders, and that the Lord would in turn enrich and empower their board service with a new vision of the Lord’s calling to disciple the nations.

September 25

Pray for effective coordination between OC IT personnel and those of Glen Eyrie, and for all tech and AV related planning.

September 26

Pray for David and Debbie (International Ministries Team) as they prepare with their leaders for an October retreat. They expect some 40 participants to be there in person.

September 27

Pray for the preparation of the conference plenary speakers and “Trail Guide” facilitators, that God would provide them clarity, creativity and wisdom in their important roles.

September 28

Pray that in the coming weeks that OC and RC workers would seek the Lord and hear from Him regarding conference-related issues in a clear, unifying fashion.

September 29

Thank the Lord for a very generous donation to the conference account, to provide much-needed underwriting to have select Global Alliance observers at the conference.

September 30

Pray, even at this early date, for travel mercies – no visa complications for conference participants, and eventually for safe passage regarding COVID matters and for no flight cancellations.

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