Daily prayer for mission workers on the field is critical. They feel the prayers of their partners carrying them. Your prayers help further the Kingdom of God around the world because they strengthen, encourage, protect, and carry those who are away from home and family. In times of great spiritual harvest and in times of spiritual drought, the prayers of partners and supporters keep the workers on the field, fulfilling God’s work. Know that your prayers matter -- everyday. In this OC Prayer Guide booklet, we have highlighted some of the ways you can pray for different teams and places in the world. We trust you will be deeply blessed as you bring these requests to the Father.

Daily Prayer for Mission Workers

Sunday, July 1
Pray for the needed resources to extend the number of classrooms in the Great Commission (MK) school (Asia). Many potential students have recently been rejected due to lack of space. Ask the Lord to bless this MK school with growth and expanded facilities.

Monday, July 2
Praise God for blessed Global Alliance Guidance Team meetings in Asia which demonstrated wonderful unity and teamwork. Pray for renewed health for Tony, the GA Guidance Team Moderator and the planning for next years’ Alliance Biennial meetings.

Tuesday, July 3
Continue to pray for Faith Academy (Manila) which has an urgent need for teachers for Fall classes.

Wednesday, July 4
On this day we rejoice in the favor God has graciously given us. We thank Him for the blessings of liberty, for this generation and for the generations to come. Yet as a nation and people we have not always chosen the right way. We ask Him to forgive us for these times. May He make us a generous people, a holy nation, a people set aside to love Him forever. Our land and our people are in need of Him. May we look only to Him this Independence Day, dependent on Him.

Thursday, July 5
Praise God for the many open doors for Sports gospel outreach Jeff and Robin (Taiwan) are enjoying, including training seminars for basketball coaches. They are excited about a new church-sponsored b-ball league with 26 teams, mostly filled with unbelievers. Pray for a fruitful evangelistic and discipleship ministry.

Friday, July 6
Praise God for Scott and Maggie’s (SART) local church’s response to the marriage workshop they led. The church has now adopted the material to help strengthen Christian marriages in other Johannesburg fellowships. Pray for Scott and Maggie as they transition from So Africa to Oregon to join OC’s Near Frontiers ministry. Pray for healthy goodbyes and smooth adjustment to life in the U.S.

Saturday, July 7
Praise the Lord with Emil and Sarah (Spain) for the second annual men’s retreat for Latin American workers, many of whom serve in No Africa. Pray for resulting personal renewal, spiritual and emotional healing.

Sunday, July 8
Dennis and Evangeline (Faith Academy, Philippines) thank God for His grace and faithfulness as they have completed their second year in Manila. They will spend six weeks this summer visiting family in the U.S. and Canada. Pray for needed rest, good health and renewed strength as they prepare for next year’s school year at Faith, beginning mid-July.

Monday, July 9
Praise the Lord for Bob’s (Near Frontiers) sixth ministry trip to Ethiopia where he experienced the uncontained joy of seminary graduates and spontaneous prayer after his teaching on the Mission of God.

Tuesday, July 10
Deborah (USMC) and Manuel now travel most weekends to Lamar, Colo., to serve as a pastoral team in the congregation where they ministered for 15 years. Pray for God’s anointing, protection on the road and much grace as they serve there in addition to their Monday to Friday work in The Springs.

Wednesday, July 11
Pray for Don and Nancy (Austria) who are initiating a local Christian support group for those who suffer from depression. Ask the Lord to use this group and the caregivers to help bring hope and healing in Christ.

Thursday, July 12
Jason (Korea) and Eric (USMC) recently teamed up in Mongolia, witnessing fresh enthusiasm among many younger pastors for a nation-wide church planting movement. The Lord’s grace sustained Jason even as he suffered his first debilitating sickness in 21 years of OC ministry. Pray for OC’s two wonderful associates in Mongolia, Boloroo (new research director for the Evan. Fellowship and former OC intern) and Soodon (a Korean “worker”).

Friday, July 13
Praise God with Ben and Sara (Philippines) for the Filipina women who eagerly attend the Bible study Sara leads. Many have children who attend the Christian school where they have served for two years. Pray for needed additional teachers for next year’s school term.

Saturday, July 14
Rejoice with Steve and Renee (Europe Area—UK) who recently led an English wedding for a couple they’ve mentored for eight years. Pray for another couple they’re mentoring who have a new 6-month old preemie baby.

Sunday, July 15
Praise the Lord with Jon and Judi (Alumni--Asia) that Jon’s book on the “Ishmael Promises” will be reprinted and used in future seminars and literature distribution. Pray for God’s anointing on Judi’s inner healing ministry and on Jon’s July teaching to “cousin” insider groups.

Monday, July 16
Praise God for the slow but steady progress on the English version of Dave’s commentary on Romans. Pray for him and his Bible students (Asia Area) as he teaches this month on Daniel and Revelation, using the biblical commentaries he has prepared.

Tuesday, July 17
Tom (OC worker and Head of School at Faith Academy) and Maddy ask urgent prayer for Pastor Biak and wife Christine serving at the Academy. The police have falsely jailed him with no end in sight. However, along with bringing him and seven cellmates food, Tom and Maddy, and he are sharing the gospel with over 200 prisoners. Pray for a rich harvest!

Wednesday, July 18
Pray for Dave and Sondra (USMC, Global Ministries Team) who desperately need to obtain visas to travel to Russia to work with orphans there. These are being handled by new, younger partners there who contend with corrupt bureaucracy and political interference. Dave and Sondra face huge future complications if they are refused this visa.

Thursday, July 19
Praise God for the accomplishments of the 8th Lausanne Intl Researchers Conference. Larry and Stephanie (Global Research Team) thank God as well for a recent opportunity to help 12 young workers to learn to do research and to take individualized, concrete plans to use back home.

Friday, July 20
Praise God for answering our prayers for more workers: Tracy and Jess deployed to the Philippines to become house parents at Faith Academy in Manila last week, Rachel deploys in a week to teach at Black Forest Academy, Germany, and Jarrod and Jenny who are deploying in August. Please pray for all of the transitions each of these workers and their families are undergoing.

Saturday, July 21
Praise God for the successful conclusion of PEP (Personal Enrichment Program) involving 70 OC’ers with families and many OC staff and volunteers. Pray the refreshment these families received sustains them for their next God adventure! May He also refresh everyone who served them. Several of our workers have returned to their field of service. In both of these types of transition, we need to pray for those left behind, the friends and family, and especially the college age TCKs who also have to work through the goodbyes and adjusting to the changes ahead.

Sunday, July 22
Praise God for the excellent vision trip that Dean & Kathie and David & Cherie (USMC) led to southern Africa recently. Pray for Pastor Frank Tuan who pastors Chinese immigrant congregations in South Africa and may work with OC in the future in planting new churches.

Monday, July 23
Please pray for the small crew working at the US-MC to give legal support, write visa and tax letters, work out employment and benefit arrangements for new and continuing workers. Pray for favor with the U.S. and foreign governments in the day to day meeting of these responsibilities. Pray for wise legal compliance in the US and abroad wherever we share the Gospel.

Tuesday, July 24
Continue to pray for Dave and Tracy’s (Sports Ambassadors) family. Praise God for blessed team ministry in Spain. Dave now moves on to Mindanao, Philippines with son, Joshua, to serve in basketball outreach alongside Filipino church planters. Pray for health and protection while they are apart, and Spirit transformed lives.

Wednesday, July 25
Pray for partners in the Himalayas who could begin businesses that would support the work of Jesus through profits. Pray as Gill travels to Asia soon.

Thursday, July 26
China has instated new regulations and restrictions to the flow of outside resources of personnel and contributions. Fewer scholars are coming to the USA and they are more careful to express curiosity about faith. Pray protection and kingdom advancement through all Jesus’ workers there.

Friday, July 27
Thank God with Sara, (Bulgaria) and coworker Raina, for recent opportunities to bring Discipling for Development training to Uganda and observing the skill of asking of questions to help local people solve their own problems. Pray this skill will transform scores of people in Africa and globally.

Saturday, July 28
Praise God for granting Dave and Debbie (Asia) three year visas! Praise Him for the POP (Pastoring of Pastors) program’s extension into remote areas of Vietnam and to Hmong people, training pastoral couples to care for one another.

Sunday, July 29
Join Ed and Dorothy in thanking God that after a long season of struggle, the Rebland church in Germany, planted 20 years ago, is seeing renewed growth! Pray for true restorative unity in the Hassloch church, depleted by loss of leadership and divided on the issue of healing.

Monday, July 30
Dave and Glenda (Asia) thank God for Glenda’s passing her recent language test in Denver. Continue to pray for permanent visas so Glenda can practice physiotherapy. Pray the local church grows faithful to Scriptural truth whilst maintaining its roots in the soil of its native culture.

Tuesday, July 31
Praise God for the Bible Education Program designed for those with lower levels of educational training. Pray with Hector and Patty (SEPAL Guatemala) as they consider two opportunities, including one in Zone 18 of Guatemala City, home to infamous gangs.

Prayer Focus for July/August … Missional Challenge

This month's prayer focus is on Missional Challenge, a ministry of One Challenge, based out of Washington. They partner together with churches, networks, and denominations to advance disciplemaking movements globally. Their team is small, but has over 30 years of experience, and has a large vision!

Missional Challenge

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