Daily prayer for mission workers on the field is critical. They feel the prayers of their partners carrying them. Your prayers help further the Kingdom of God around the world because they strengthen, encourage, protect, and carry those who are away from home and family. In times of great spiritual harvest and in times of spiritual drought, the prayers of partners and supporters keep the workers on the field, fulfilling God’s work. Know that your prayers matter -- everyday. In this OC Prayer Guide booklet, we have highlighted some of the ways you can pray for different teams and places in the world. We trust you will be deeply blessed as you bring these requests to the Father.

Daily Prayer for Mission Workers

Thursday, February 1
Praise the Lord for the 300 people who accepted Christ through a ministry reaching out to the least reached in 2017. Pray for spiritual growth and strong community for these new believers.

Friday, February 2
Praise the Lord for the recent Lifeworkx training in Hong Kong. Now more people have been equipped to help others see breakthroughs and growth.

Saturday, February 3
Pray for our OC workers who are raising support in order to move cross-culturally to serve the Lord. Raising finances can be daunting and tiring, but we know the Lord is beyond capable!

Sunday, February 4
Pray for Larry and Stephanie as they teach a short course on research methods to media workers in Asia. Pray these methods would be implemented to further Kingdom growth.

Monday, February 5
Pray for new discovery Bible studies to begin in big cities in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia. Pray believers in these areas would have to vision to see who is ready to join a group to discover who Jesus is.

Tuesday, February 6
Pray for our One Challenge workers who are caring for their elderly parents. In this season, pray for discernment and tender loving care for all.

Wednesday, February 7
Pray for Doug and Barbara as they have the opportunity to minister to over 500 pastors and their families through Doug’s recent election to president of the Evangelical Pastor’s Association in their city in Brazil. Pray for the pastoral care work, that the groups will be encouraged and strengthened.

Thursday, February 8
Pray for the OC U.K. board as they begin to process a refreshing of vision, adding board members, and seeking God’s direction for ministry.

Friday, February 9
Join Bob and Sharon in praying for the provision of a sports building in the center of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. This building would allow evangelistic sports leagues to continue year-round.

Saturday, February 10
Pray for A&K as they teach English and Bible stories to 16 children from non-Christian homes. Pray these children and their families will come to faith.

Sunday, February 11
Pray for mission workers who are awaiting visa in their countries. This can be a stressful process, pray for favor as visas are reliant on government agencies.

Monday, February 12
Pray for Tim and Annette as they teach a workshop in South Africa on how to evangelize and mobilize people under the age of 30. Pray for the Lord’s anointing on them they will be speaking to people from over 150 countries.

Tuesday, February 13
Praise the Lord for the fruit taking place as a result of the Foursquare church planting movement in the Philippines. Also, praise the Lord for the 136 churches and 752 outreach Bible studies that came about this year in the Philippines.

Wednesday, February 14
Praise the Lord for the new coworkers joining the team in Hong Kong. Pray for the Bible school students who are joining the church planting interns to carry out church planting initiatives this coming year.

Thursday, February 15
Pray for Ron & Mikel Ann as they travel to Ukraine. Pray for Ron as he teaches courses on Bible Study Methods and Christian Leadership to 15-20 students. Pray for Mikel Ann as she tutors students in English.

Friday, February 16
Pray for Mihai as he and the European Member Care Board lead a member care event in Malaga, Spain. Pray for wisdom and Spirit-led words as Mihai speaks at a workshop.

Saturday, February 17
Pray for OC workers who are in the midst of planning a major camping event in Mongolia. Last year, 840 people attended the event; this year, the goal is 2,000. Pray for discernment in this time of logistics and planning.

Sunday, February 18
Pray for Mario, Thomas, and Karl as they discover practical ways to mobilize believers in Southern Africa to reach out to West and North African peoples.

Monday, February 19
Praise the Lord for the opportunities OC Global Alliance personnel in Asia have the privilege to influence. These opportunities range from church planting to disciple-making movements in parts of Asia that have traditionally been slow to embrace the gospel.

Tuesday, February 20
Pray for joy and perseverance in language learning for many of OC’s mission workers. Pray, also, that through learning, they will build relationships with local friends and that God would open opportunities for the gospel.

Wednesday, February 21
Pray for a team of mission workers who will be participating in the IMPACT conference in California. Pray for the two OC-GA workers who will be carrying major speaking and training roles.

Thursday, February 22
Pray for the mission workers whose primary focus is disciple-making movements. Pray they will find responsive persons who will become disciples of Christ, who then, in turn, make disciples. Pray this leads to great multiplication and movements of many to Christ.

Friday, February 23
Pray for Jay and Sarah as they assist pastors and their spouses in Zimbabwe with resources and insight to increase their capacity as sons & daughters of the Father and servant leaders. Pray this would lead to transformation in the churches they lead

Saturday, February 24
Pray for a team in Southeast Asia who is in process of planning a leadership training event for pastors and their spouses. Nearly 300 people are expected to attend.

Sunday, February 25
Pray for Philippine Challenge as they assist the Philippines Mission Association in tracking the training paths of Philippine mission workers. Pray for wisdom for leaders guiding this training process.

Monday, February 26
Pray for Sepal Brazil as they continue the search for the next Brazil field director. Pray for wisdom and guidance as they determine the best person for the position.

Tuesday, February 27
Pray for renters for the empty offices spaces in the Colorado Springs headquarters. Praise the Lord for Magazine Training International who joined the building this month.

Wednesday, February 28
Pray for the mission workers who are participating in the North Africa Partnership meetings. Pray for good collaboration and encouragement.

Prayer Focus

This month’s prayer focus is on the New Year. 2018 is an invitation to creativity! We serve a God who is passionately innovative in how he changes lives and transforms communities. And he invites us to join him in what he’s doing.

God uses normal people – gripped by love and fired with imagination – to change the world.

OC New Year

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