Daily prayer for mission workers on the field is critical. They feel the prayers of their partners carrying them. Your prayers help further the Kingdom of God around the world because they strengthen, encourage, protect, and carry those who are away from home and family. In times of great spiritual harvest and in times of spiritual drought, the prayers of partners and supporters keep the workers on the field, fulfilling God’s work. Know that your prayers matter -- everyday. In this OC Prayer Guide booklet, we have highlighted some of the ways you can pray for different teams and places in the world. We trust you will be deeply blessed as you bring these requests to the Father.

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Daily Prayer for Mission Workers

Saturday, September 1
Bob (International Ministry Team) reports that “170 received Christ in our Mongolia camp and 140 in our Ukraine sport league” this month. Praise the Lord!

Sunday, September 2
Please pray with Gill (US-MC) for Josh and Molly who are considering joining OC to go to South Asia. They are good friends of OC workers Steve and Renee (UK) who have influenced them in this direction. Currently, they are working on a US visa for Josh (UK citizen) and hope to locate in Colorado Springs to prepare for Asia.

Monday, September 3
Praise God! Joseph (OC Associate, Asia) was in Hanoi training 35 church planters this last month and is thankful for God’s work and power. Pray for the expansion and multiplication of His kingdom as learning is put into practice.

Tuesday,September 4
Stephen and Katie (Asia) need prayer as they consider their future options in Asia. Along with decisions about ministries, significant finances need to be raised. Pray for God’s wisdom and provision as they discern the way forward.

Wednesday, September 5
Larry (Global Research Team) requests prayer for Boloroo and the research project in Mongolia especially now that she has moved to the capital and is officially connected with the Global Research Team.

Thursday, September 6
Thank God with A and B (Asia) for the 32 students from all over the nation in A’s seminary class and the opportunity to teach despite sudden changes to the syllabus. They are also giving thanks to the Lord for a new (and improved) home to live in.

Friday, September 7
Please pray with Don and Nancy (Global Alliance - Europe) for an important new ministry to people suffering from depression. They have been gathering a group of people suffering from depression as well as caregivers as a pilot project of this ministry. Pray as they develop this work.

Saturday, September 8
Please pray with Luis and Dora (Guatemala) for God’s provision for equipping children’s teachers. They need just $5 per teacher and each session they do trains about 50.

Sunday, September 9
Praise God for a very successful meeting of African-American, African mission leaders and mission agency leaders during the MANI BRIDGE Consultation in Houston last month. This gathering drew together 107 leaders from two dozen organizations and was hosted by an African-American church.

Monday, September 10
Please pray for health for all of our workers. A number of them, or their loved ones, are dealing with health issues: Sharon, Amy, Sarah, Sandy, Marla, Daryl. Pray also for our workers who have elderly parents needing care. May God give them wisdom as they consider different options.

Tuesday,September 11
Pray for our OC MK’s who have returned to school or university in the last few weeks all over the world. Pray for strength and perseverance in school and for many who are distant from family and support systems.

Wednesday, September 12
Ron and Mikel Ann (OC Alumni) have been traveling in Asia for the last three weeks. The trip includes Singapore, and two mountainous South Asia countries. Pray for travel, health and ministry as they both teach and share their lives with kingdom workers.

Thursday, September 13
Praise God with Eric and Kara, who are thankful to be back at Black Forest Academy (Germany) after a good furlough. Praise God for good connections and provision of needs..

Friday, September 14
Pray for God to inspire and guide our US Board of Directors who are meeting Thursday through Saturday to discuss OC strategic priorities, approve the 2018-19 budget, and experience kingdom community.

Saturday, September 15
Pray for safety for those in the wake of Hurricane Florence./span>

Sunday, September <16/span>
Please pray for the OC staff at Faith Academy (Philippines). Pray for the adjustments, skill and wisdom each needs in various ways: for Ben as he travels regularly to give direction at the ACT school there, for Tom as he leads the school, for Maddy serving as a principal, for Dennis creating new curriculum for 8th grade Bible, Evangeline teaching English and a special program, Jackie learning to work with staff and Kelli as she balances both teaching and her OC Communications job.

Monday, September 17
Brazil is in the midst of a huge economic and moral crisis with presidential elections in October. A depressed economy is affecting churches and missionary giving. Pray for God-fearing candidates to be elected who hate corruption and defend the poor.

Tuesday, September 18
Pray for medical clinics being held this week in a country in SE Asia. US doctors, along with local doctors and volunteers, will be conducting clinics in several cities. Pray God will use this ministry to meet the physical and spiritual needs of those they serve.

Wednesday, September 19
Please pray for Marla (Asia area) who is having major surgery today - (12 hours long, with four surgeons) to remove cancerous tumors from 3 veins in her vena cava. Pray skill for the surgeons, strength for Marla and successful surgery resulting in long-term health for Marla. Pray God’s peace for Marla, Rich and the extended family.

Thursday, September 20
Praise the Lord for the grand opening of Ten42, a food distribution/integration center in Malaga. Pray God will use this ministry to draw refugees, immigrants and the needy to Himself.

Friday, September 21
Pray for Stan and Donna (US-MC) who depart today for almost four months in Malaga where Stan will serve as interim Europe area director. Pray God will help them settle quickly and use them to guide and encourage our Europe area teams.

Saturday, September 22
Praise God for several summer weddings of MKs. Pray God’s blessing on each of these newly-wed couples.

Sunday, September 23
This past summer Jeff and Robin (Taiwan) once again ministered two weeks in a Sports and English Camp. Praise God for the 240 middle/high school students who attended, many being drawn to the Savior and/or being strengthened in their journey with the Lord Jesus.

Monday, September 124
Fredy and Beth (Guatemala) report that during one of their short-term ministries this summer, Francisco, a local police officer, came to know the Lord. Pray God will use Fredy and others to help Francisco grow in his new-found faith in the Lord Jesus, being strengthened in his challenging role as a police officer.

Tuesday, September 25
Praise God for the first national missions conference in Angola. Over 200 ministry leaders were in attendance with much mutual spiritual encouragement experienced by all.

Wednesday, September 26
During July and August Doug and Barbara (Brazil) had significant ministries with pastors and women in ministry in NE Brazil. Pray these will continue to be strengthened in the Lord for fruitful ministries.

Thursday, September 27
Transitions: Pray for D and G (Asia), who have recently returned to their field of service after several months of home assignment. Pray also for Steve and Debbie (Asian country) who also returned to their field of ministry this month. Pray God will help them resettle in their respective ministry roles and that needed work permits/visas will be granted for at least one more term of service.

Friday, September 28
We give thanks the Lord for the fruitful and encouraging US Board meetings that took place earlier this month. Pray God’s anointing on plans and decisions made by this dedicated group of servants.

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From the Pastor's Pen

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