Prayer Focus for July/August 2014… Mongolia

In the months of July/August, our prayer focus is on the growing ministry in Mongolia. Throughout most of the 20th century, Mongolia was one of the countries in the world most closed to the gospel. As a result, the nation was characterized by spiritual bondage and darkness. However, after the fall of communism, the Spirit of God has begun to work in Mongolia in a very dramatic way, growing from just four believers in 1990 to 80,000 today…

Prayer focus on Mongolia

To see the July/August OC prayer letter, click the image or the text link here.

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2 thoughts on “Prayer Focus for July/August 2014… Mongolia

  1. So excited with you to learn of your deployment to Europe and the details you provide on these pages. I agree with you in praying what your asked for — for our Father to answer each request and implied request.

    I know He will give you all the wisdom and insights needed for the task, and His vision for what He IS doing and is about to do. I was touched yesterday as I read the book of Micah and for the first time BELIEVED how relevant Micah’s predictions were not just for his day, but for these days of 2014 on. I sensed how specifically GOD HIMSELF is guiding current world events, leading us closer than ever to the fulfillment of ALL His promises of the coming of His Eternal Kingdom in ALL ITS GLORY. I thank God for people like you who are participating with Him as He fulfills His promises and ushers the moment when He becomes King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Be blessed today!

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